Animal Fury Destination is an action-adventure game from independent, Colombian developer Ignicion Games. It's a 3D action game where you'll play as various different characters as you embark on a quest to stop an evil crow sorcerer.

So what has this evil mage avian done that needs quelling? Well, it has taken over the minds of some dangerous giants and is using them to gain control over the sacred water that feeds the land. There's a definite environmental theme running through this game, for sure.

There are five different areas you'll have to fight your way through where you'll encounter pollution, radioactivity, electronic waste and gases. Some of the proceeds for each unit sold will be given to a charity that works to save the Amazon too, so it's clearly something the developers are passionate about.

There will be three different characters you can play as throughout Animal Fury Destination as you bash your way through various enemies and the giant bosses themselves. They are Osun the bear, Kato the cat and Mongo the monkey. Each will have their own different weapons to make use of throughout the game.

Beyond the standard melee combat, there are also a plethora of power-ups to help you throughout your adventure too, with more than 15 available. There's also an experience system as well to increase your stats as you level up and coins to gather that can be spent to buy better gear for your characters.

Animal Fury Destination is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that costs $2.99 but there are also in-app purchases beyond that too.

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