It can be extremely difficult to fit exercise into a day-to-day schedule even though it is a vital activity, so video games like Pokemon GO! and Ring Fit that make it into a compelling game aren't given the amount of credit they deserve, and now Minnesota-based studio Glossbird Inc has announced its debut mobile fitness game, Fitment.

Whilst some of the bigger exercise games go for the professional, personal trainer vibe, Fitment instead opts for a cutesy, cosy experience, with Glossbird explaining some inspiration came from Animal Crossing and Duolingo. Who hasn’t wanted to work out with a lifesized owl providing encouraging hoots?

Fitment offers a variety of Fitbuddies, which are anthropomorphic animals that exercise alongside the player. One of the first of these Fitbuddies met is called Monroe, a friendly dog that goes along on the workout adventure, demonstrating each of the moves and taking part as they offer words of encouragement for both physical and mental wellbeing. Whilst the thought of working out with a talking animal sounds slightly ridiculous, Fitments’ method of gentle encouragement with a supportive virtual friend does sound like a fantastic way for the more shy, maybe less confident gamers to start their fitness journey.

After each workout is done coins will be rewarded to be used on a gamer's worst nightmare; collectables, because if the exercise routine doesn’t get you, the need for 100% will. Each player will be given their own room that they can decorate with furniture and items their hard-earned coins can be traded for. There are even pets if one can get over the ethical constraints of owning a dog and then exercising with a bigger, more sentient dog.

Upon launch, there will be more than 25 workout moves to take part in and over two dozen furniture items and outfits, with more content in the works. On top of this, anyone who signs up for Early Access will be gifted a launch-exclusive pair of angel wings, presumably to blend in with all the giant owls.

Fitment is available to download from the App Store and Google Play now.

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