Rovio has announced it will be launching a second season of Angry Birds Slingshot Stories on 19th June.

Slingshot Stories is a series of videos that provide a unique behind-the-scenes look at what the characters of the Angry Birds games get up to when they’re not pummelling trebuchets at each other. The series is produced by India-based animation studio Cosmos-Maya in partnership with Rovio.

“We pitched the idea to Rovio to create the second season of the Angry Birds Slingshot Stories,” says Anish Mehta from Cosmos-Maya. “The versatile episodes of the series, as well as good communication and support throughout the production made it a great working experience for our studio and allowed our CG animators and artists to raise the benchmark of quality from the previous season. We look forward to a continued partnership and creating more entertaining content that brings about much needed smiles, especially in the present times.”

The second season of Slingshot Stories will include 30 episodes, three times as many as there were in the first season which launched with ten. This was due to fan feedback that warranted the increase in episode production.

“The first season of Angry Birds Slingshot Stories has been very successful in terms of views and watchtime so naturally we wanted to create more episodes for our fans,” says Hanna Valkeapää-Nokkala from Rovio. “Season two promises some funny moments and references that long-time Angry Birds fans will pick up, but the series is full of fun and lighthearted humor that anyone can enjoy. We have been really happy about the production quality of the series our partner Cosmos-Maya has provided when creating this season.”

The new season of Angry Birds Slingshot Stories premieres on 19th June, with a new episode airing on Rovio’s YouTube channel every week.

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