Angry Birds Match guide - how to beat every challenge

Posted by Jessica Famularo on September 3rd, 2017
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Now that we think of it, it's pretty surprising that Rovio hadn't released a match-three version of Angry Birds, but the inevitable has finally happened in Angry Birds Match. This puzzle game pits the birds against the pigs once more, only this time you'll be scrapping it out in Bejewelled-style gameplay.

Angry Birds Match isn't too concerned with high scores. Instead you'll be challenged to complete a series of objectives each level in order to earn coins and purchase new hatchlings and outfits. To aid you on this quest, we have a few tips.

Make good use of the birds on the board

The series' most famous birds will appear on the board if you match certain combinations. Match four objects and Red will appear. He can clear out an entire row depending on which direction you swipe. Chuck will show up if you match items in an "L" shape, and will destroy objects in four directions. Bomb does some massive damage, sweeping out 3 columns in the direction of your choice.

Use these birds whenever you can. What's more, if other birds are in the path of destruction, you'll also trigger their powerful effects, clearing huge swathes of the board.

Shop for a new wardrobe

Once you save up enough coins, be sure to shop for costumes for your hatchlings. Not only do they look cool, they give you some helpful bonuses to let you earn even more cash.

Save up for Premium Chests

Every time you rescue a hatchling, you'll earn a key for a free chest. Unlock it, and you might just be lucky enough to earn a small number of gems. Save them up, and soon you'll have enough gems to unlock a Premium Chest. It's well worth the wait -- these chests unlock special costumes and other rare items that will help you earn even more.

If you're enjoying Angry Birds Match, be sure to share your own tips in the comments below.

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