Alluris is an RPG that the developer's are calling a swipe-your-own adventure game. This is because the game incorporates a Reigns-style - swiping left or right - selection mechanic to make all the decisions you'd usually expect to make across numerous dialogue trees. Alluris is available for iOS and Android now.

Your adventure will be told through a deck of cards. Each one that is presented to you will have two options to choose from, with those options being contextual based on your story up to that point. They'll depend on if you've heroically saved people as well as your actions in general.

The backstory and race you can choose at the start of the game will even play a factor in the choices available to you. Additional backgrounds and races can be unlocked for your next run during your current adventure.

You'll start your adventure in the titular City of Alluris. Here you learn that a fellow by the name of Baron Dread is planning to build an army to capture Alluris and everyone that lives there is pretty apathetic towards the whole situation. That pretty much leaves everything up to you.

It sounds like a game that you'll play through multiple times, just to see how varied each playthrough can actually be. It certainly sounds like there's a tonne of different outcomes for your journey based on various factors so I'm intrigued to see how well that all comes together.

Alluris is available through both the App Store and Google Play now. It's a premium game that costs £4.99 with the Android version allowing you to try the game before you decide to buy it.

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