Immortal Rogue is one of those games that can take a bit of getting used to. Don't get us wrong, we love the action roguelike with all of our hearts, but it's got some pretty deep ideas and concepts that might pass you by if you're not paying close enough attention. Don't worry though, because in this article you'll find all the tips, hints, and tricks you need to make yourself an Immortal Rogue legend.

We've put a good few hours into the game, so we know what we're talking about here. Obviously you might have spotted your own work arounds and concepts though, and if that's the case we'd love to hear them, so please do stick them in the comments section all the way down at the bottom of the article.

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Keep moving, stop cutting

You need to use your move as a dodge, otherwise you're going to get sliced to bits when you get up close and personal with a big group of enemies. There's something else to consider as well though, and that's the weapon that you've got equipped.

Different weapons have different combo strings - working out when you're going to be vulnerable to attack is the key to success. If you've got a weapon that only lets you strike three times before a pause, you need to make sure that after that third hit you're not tapping again straight away, because you'll just stand there doing nothing.

That means you're going to have to balance out attacks and moves. Hit your limit and dash away, then dash back in to start another combo. You can also use your heavy move to get away, so long as it's a dash move rather than a projectile.

Turn them

The game's progression is built into its turning system. No, that doesn't mean you're going to get tougher if you run around in a square. Instead when you're given a mission, you'll sometimes get the option to turn your target - it all depends on how many people you've already turned.

Turning someone into a vampire doesn't change the mechanics of a level, but it gives you something to spend your blood on at the end of a run. Each character you turn costs a set amount of blood to push towards your vampiric cause, and the boosts and buffs they offer are well worth it.

Your turned thralls will meet you at the start of a new run and give you things. Stronger weapons, cash to get you started in your new adventure, outfits you've unlocked through play - the more thralls you have waiting for you, the more powerful you're going to be at the start of your run. You'll also have more money to spend on the better upgrades you're going to reach.

Know your robes

Once you've unlocked the thrall who gives you new clothes at the start of every level, it's important to make sure you're picking the right one when you head out. In earlier levels you'll want to focus on getting as many rewards as possible - coupling up a buff that gives you more health when you pick up blood, with a suit that gives you extra health for blood drops.

When you get deeper into the game though, you're going to want to think about boosting your health or your combo power. Especially when you're fighting one of the game's bosses, you're going to want to be as strong as you can possibly be.

You'll get new suits of armor from killing certain people in the game. If you're told to kill a character that you've murdered before, consider going for the other target this time round to see if you'll get another suit.

Don't get defeated

It's important to remember that this is a roguelike, so dying is a big part of the experience. When you're beaten down by a boss or a tough enemy, just think of it as a learning experience, putting you in a better position to thwack their teeth out the next time you come across them.

Learning the patterns of attack of the enemies is key to success, and to be honest the best way to cement them in your head is by getting killed with them. Next time you're going to be better placed to take out the enemies that can deal out the most damage first.

It's not so much about having a never-say-die attitude as it is having an always-say-die attitude. Die, get ressurrected, and then get back out there and kill anything that looked at you funny the last time you were there.

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