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These weeks just keep on flying by don't they? Another seven days have past, so it's time to round up all of the brilliant games that are currently on sale on the App Store. It's not a vintage week, but there are some pretty decent experiences here all the same.

I've added download links, because that's the sort of guy I am, and if we've reviewed one of the games, I've stuck a link to that in there as well. If you think we've missed anything out, then feel free to let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article. See you again next week for more awesome deals.

Pixel Boat Rush - download for iOS (now free)

A game that's all about pixel boats. Pixel boats that rush around. Bounce over waves, use your defensive and offensive capabilities to get past obstacles and other racers, and generally have a lovely soggy time while you're doing it. For free, you really should be picking this one up right away.

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Dokuro - download for iOS (now 99c)

You're a skeleton from the dark lord's army who decides that a princess shouldn't be held hostage any more. Cue an intriguing puzzling platformer that sees you trying to guide the princess to safety. There's a whole lot to do here, and plenty of really smart ideas as well. If Ico was in 2D, not as moody, and have a skeleton in it, it'd be a bit like this.

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Galaxy of Pen and Paper - download for iOS (now $3.99)

A game within a game. Like its predecessor, this one sees you controlling a party of tabletop RPG players, who are controlling a party of space-faring RPG characters. It's smart, but there's also loads of fun to be had here. Throw in some lovely visuals and a real warmth for the subject material and you're left with something pretty special.

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Baldur's Gate - download for iOS (now $4.99)

This one's a classic in every sense of the word. With the latest game in the series, Siege of Dragonspear, out now, if you've not played this one yet, it's the perfect time. Form up a party of adventurers and head out into a D&D based world to stop a tyrant from taking over the world. It can be a bit fiddly on smaller screens, but if you've got a tablet this one's well worth checking out.

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Squareface - download for iOS (now $2.99)

Squareface is a polished third-person action adventure games that's all about hacking up zombies. There's more to it than that though, and while the action is fun, it's going to test your grey matter a little bit as well. There's not too much thinking though, and the fast-paced combat will leave a big smile on your face.

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PuzzlAR: World Tour - download for iOS (now 99c)

The AR fad might have died down a little recently, but there's still some good games on the App Store if you know where to look. This one's all about putting famous monuments back together. It's one of the few AR games that actually feels like it'd be worse if it didn't use your phone's camera, and there's enough content here to keep you playing for hours.

Avadon: The Black Fortress - download for iOS (now $4.99)

If Baldur's Gate doesn't offer up enough old school RPGing for you, then you should consider picking this one up as well. It's a decidedly retro experience, but there's an awful lot of fun to be had here all the same. Get out your rose-tinted spectacles and you're going to enjoy everything that Avadon has to offer.

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