Alchemy Stars has introduced its latest event, entitled Farewell, My Wonderland, bringing with it new characters and a bevvy of rewards. The event will reportedly focus on the underlying message that even after tragic events there is still light, hope and new life, a poignant message for all.

To celebrate the event, Alchemy Star will be gifting players an eye-watering amount of items via a log-in giveaway, with eight days giving a special Post-Battle Pollux Avatar and a not-too-shabby 500 Lumbamber. Other gifts to collect include 2000 Empty Shell Casings for the event stare and some mysterious Anonymous Gift, and who can resist the sound of that?

This is a two-stage event which will take players through both Farewell, My Wonderland: Wonderland Tales and No Man’s Land. Clearing the event stages will net a bunch of helpful items, including Lumamber and Special Star Flares. There will also be a host of Empty Shell Castings up for grabs by completing the levels, which can be traded at the Supply Depot for rewards such as the Cluster of Floating Balloons event furniture or a 5-Star Auroian United Kit 4. The event will last until October 17th, whereas the store will trade until October 20th.

Two new Aurorians will arrive on the Alchemy Stars roster with this update, the 6-Star Pollux, and Casta is a 5-Star, lagging a bit in power but nothing the sniff at. Both of these characters will be focus units on the Crimson Raven banner between September 22nd and October 20th, so those who need to grind for some currency have plenty of time. Pollux has a 50% chance to join whenever a 6-star Aurorian is pulled, whereas Casta has a 25% chance when a 5-star is received. On the plus side, both of these will join the Mainstay Recruitment post-event so there's plenty of opportunity.

Alchemy Stars is available to download free on the App Store and Google Play.

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