Alchemy Stars fans can score tons of bountiful rewards in the Summer's Breeze & The Port of Hope: Tempest in the Harbor limited-time event. Not only will there be plenty of login bonuses up for grabs, but players can also look forward to draw events, new store items, and special Aurorians joining the fray.

Rewards up for grabs when clearing stages

Navigators who clear stages in the Main Story stages and Resource stages will be granted Morphing Card as a reward, which can then be used to redeem items like event exclusive Aurorian Rainbow and her Solamber, event furniture Potted Palm Tree, Legendary Aurorian Breakthrough materials, Cloud Gardens Branch currency Petrowood, upgrade resources and more from the Enchanted Valet Stand draw event.

From now until September 21st, players can score up to Lumamber ×600, Unique Tree Seeds, upgrade resources and more in the Detailed Investigation III Cloud Gardens event, which Navigators can unlock by clearing Main Stage 1-16 and Main Stage 3-3 to unlock Cloud Gardens. They'll also have to clear First Encounter quests to unlock Cloud Gardens events. Aiming to finish stages in the Doomsday over the Horizon Event with 3-Stars will reward players' efforts with up to Lumamber x900, event furniture: Starfish Sand Sculpture and more as well.

Cloud Gardens features and login bonuses

In the Cloud Gardens, the Let's Go Swimming! feature will unlock two stories every day up to a total of 6 stories. The Cloud Gardens structure: Garden Pool along with its substructures will be rewarded to players who complete the quests plus up to Lumamber ×180. Additionally, the Cloud Gardens Structure: Garden Pool lets Navigators and Aurorians in swimsuits kick back, relax and swim in the Garden Pool. Eligible Aurorians include Outfit: Gronru - Day at the Aquarium, Outfit: Luke - Forest Butterfly, Outfit: Beverly - Armor of Grandeur, Outfit: Ms. Blanc - Oceanic Splendor, Outfit: Beryl - Day in the Sand and more.

From now until September 19th, players can score Morphing Card ×500, Anonymous Gift I ×2, Panacea ×5, Recharger Pack ×2, Lumamber ×500, Optimist Rainbow Avatar and so much more during the new limited-time login event Habor Sign-In as well.

New Aurorian and special store items

New Aurorian: Fia and new Aurorian: Jeno will be available to recruit in the limited-time banner, the former during the limited-time Starry Trails recruitment event and the latter during the limited-time Sleight of Hand recruitment event.

The new Cloud Gardens Branch Store will be added after the update, letting players use their Petrowood to buy Cloud Gardens buildings and more. Planting Uniqre Treese, exchanging Lumamber, purchasing gift packs etc. can reward players with Petrowood.

A whopping 120 Prism and 2 Carriers will be given out every day for 5 days to all Navigators plus the Gift Content: Diluent ×10 and Fortified Pheromone ×10 during the Summer's Breeze & The Port of Hope: Tempest in the Harbor event. For regions other than HK, MO and TW, Lumamber ×300 + Prism ×60 + Carrier ×2 will be given away for 3 consecutive days as well.

You can download Alchemy Stars on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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