It is time to venture deep into the Mists and encounter a whole host of new content, mobs and items in Albion Online with the latest major patch. Knightfall will give players the chance to craft new equipment and venture through the mysterious new dungeon, Knightfall Abbey.

Knightfall will be centring on the Mists, implementing so major new features and improvements to the area for players of all types and levels. As you explore you might stumble across some Coffers, treasures that only pop up when you are nearby, or clear mob camps to pick up some caches of individualized loot.

Maybe you will find the mysterious new dungeon in the depths of the Mists, Knightfall Abbey. You have to be lucky to find this, as it only exists for a limited time, but when you be you can marvel at the beautiful stained-glass windows around the crumbling stones. You can collect treasures and pray at ancient shrines that offer powerful buffs, however, you are not alone. Other players can enter the dungeon at any point and will also want the secrets, so you will need to defend yourself against them and the dungeon’s former residents.

To prepare for your adventure through the Mists you will need to gear up with the new items and crafting components available in the Mists, such as the Avalonian and Bredillien Capes. You can also trade with the new merchant, Eralia Wayfarer, but you won’t be able to buy any in the way of equipment thanks to Albion's player-led marketplace.

Coming with this big new update, players will be receiving a raft of quality-of-life improvements. The keynote for this will be the new WASD movement system to complement the standard point-and-click. Along with this are combat balance changes, a new Travel Mode for a transparent map overlay, new guild logos and more. This also includes major optimizations to mobile gameplay which is a big plus for us.

To delve into the Mists, download Albion Online from the App Store and Google Play now.

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