Albion Online has announced the name of its next major update coming in October 2023. Wild Blood will bring with it some very anticipated new features, such as Shapeshifter Weapons, Tracking, and Awakened Items, giving players enough more ways to play this character-driven MMORPG.

Quite in fitting with the Halloween month, the new trailer that came along with this update paints quite the spooky picture, with our heroes tracking a beast through the forest, showing off the new skill. They are then pounced on by the Werewolf they were chasing, which very well could indicate a human quarry given the Shapeshifter Weapons, so it will be interesting to see if this is the way the story unfolds.

As touched upon, and as is fairly evident by the name, Shapeshifter Weapons allow you to shift into different Shapes such as Golems and Wolves, by expanding Shift Charges. In human forms, players will be wielding these weapons, all staffs, to manipulate magic and either deal damage or buff allies, before shifting to their Shape form and most likely diving into melee range. It is a pretty cool way to combine these two polar opposite play styles.

In order to get yourself one of these weapons, you must master the Tracking system. Players will be tasked with pursuing a target across the open world, by interacting with tracks and following them. Each of these has a time limit, and if too many characters come along your quarry may run away, so speed and strategy are essential. By finding and defeating these creatures, you will be able to collect Artifact Items to craft into Sharshift Artifact Weapons.

Our next feature is incredibly interesting Awakened and Legendary Items. This is for one big reason, players will be able to craft their own Legendary weapons and grow their unique story. To complete a weapons journey you must go through two steps, awakening it and then making it legendary. The really cool thing is that you can determine the weapon's traits, and if you happen to perish with it, the weapon might be lost. However, it will return to the game as loot with the creator’s name attached, so you will be crafting your own piece of Albion history.

Albion Online is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.

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