Alabama Bones guide - How to get the most out of this one-touch platformer

Posted by Campbell Bird on June 21st, 2019
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Alabama Bones is a pretty solid one-touch platfomer. While there are times where it’s pretty easy, fun, and satisgying to cruise through some levels, others can be quite tricky.

Leave it to us to take our experience with the game and share it with you, dear readers. See below for a few nice tips for how to have a bit of an eaiser time playing Alabama Bones:

Play in airplane mode

As noted in the review, Alabama Bones has a frustrating amount of pop-up video ads that play whenever you die. This can disrupt the entire flow of the game and make it really annoying whenever you screw up.

If you play the game in airplane mode though, this whole problem disappears completely. With no data connection, Alabama Bones can’t load up ads. This is the ideal way to play.

Take your time

Alabama Bones isn’t like a lot of other free-to-play arcade games in the sense that there’s no rush for you to get through a level. There’s not auto-scrolling screen or boogie man chasing you down throughout a level, so you don’t ever really have to rush things.

Obviously, with this being an auto-runner, Alabama Bones himself may rush you along in the sense that he’s always moving. But, there are plenty of opportunities in this game to make him stop, swing continuously on a rope, or just bump between walls. Use this to your advantage so you can plot out your next moves, particularly on more complicated levels.

Ladders are your friend

Speaking of taking your time, there’s few things in Alabama Bones that can really help you slow things down and avoid screwups like the ladder. Unlike any other context sensitive button in the game, ladders let you tap again at any time to reverse direction.

This means you can tap continuously to move up and down a ladder to take a break. It also means you can undo accidental taps that might send you up a ladder at the wrong time. Seeing as how this is basically your only “undo” button in the heat of a level, make sure you put it to good use.

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