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Posted by 148Apps Staff on February 8th, 2021
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Online marketing is a demanding mistress, especially when it comes to building brand presence using social media. Anyone that's attempted to build an online business will be more than familiar with the constant pressure to deliver regular and relevant content for their followers. Besides the challenge of creating the content itself, there's the continual issue of inconvenience to contend with; scheduling your social media posts to go out during peak times and having to post across multiple platforms within your social network.

There are currently a number of tools out there to help make the job a little easier; Buffer, Hootsuite, and Social Sprout are all great management platforms for integrating your social accounts together and scheduling your posts but, unfortunately, offer no help when it comes to actually creating your content. If you have the cash you can look into hiring social media experts to assist you, or you can go another way...

AIMIsocial provides a perfect solution for scheduling your social media posts and creating content that will help elevate your social media presence and increase engagement with your brand.Best of all, with AIMIsocial this is all acheivable with minimal fuss.

AIMIsocial begins with a quick and simple questionaire about your company, the industry you occupy, and your target audience. Once you've finished filling out the questionaire, AIMIsocial's Artificial Intelligence takes the reigns to create a monthly social media marketing calendar with suggestions on how many posts you should create and the best to times to share them.

AIMIsocial will also create the content for each of your posts, including the text, graphics, and recommended images from its vast royalty-free library, all in a matter of seconds!

Any content that AIMIsocial suggests can of course be edited by the user to ensure its exactly what they want to use. You'll also be able to receive constant feedback on the performance of your posts with live results, which AIMIsocial's AI will use to further enhance its strategy and approach to delivering your next batch of content to your audience.

You can try a limited version of AIMIsocial for free right now for iOS or Android, with the option of upgrading to a pro-plan for $99, or unlocking the full potential of the app with a monthly subscription of 124.99.

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