Lilith Games has announced that they will be celebrating the two-year anniversary of their popular idle RPG AFK Arena from today. They will be introducing two new heroes alongside a bunch of in-game gifts, new skins and various other bonuses.

The first of these new characters is called Lightbearer Peggy. She is a princess who wades into battle with a defensive bonus thanks to her Royal Guards. In addition to that, she'll also be able to unload a volley of damage onto her enemies by commanding her Royal Marksmen.

The second character is Wilder Raku, a racoon who looks to trick his enemies with his cutesy exterior. But when they least expect it, he'll gun them down with his Acorn Cannon, which targets low-health enemies. He can also make use of his Peckish ability, which will buff his attack strength.

During the celebratory event, players will be able to grab themselves more characters by logging into the game daily. Doing so will net them up to 100 summons. Lilith Games have also created a gift package code that will grant players 3000 Diamonds. The code is aaz27uvgfi and will be valid until May 6th.

Elsewhere, Inn Keeper Dolly's tavern will become home to some jazz music to commemorate the occasion. Four heroes will also receive new skins to celebrate the game turning two years old. This will start with Gwyneth and Skriath, who will get the Musical Rose and Kingpin skins respectively.

AFK Arena is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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