For as much as I like just about every genre of music that man has created, short of the howlingly horrendous twang of country, electronic and synth based tunes have often left me feeling befuddled.  It was not that I didn't necessarily like the sounds of the genre, I just felt that I was never in the correct, or dare I say, "altered" state to truly appreciate it.  That said, it takes a tremendous amount of skill and creativity to create something musical from the otherwise mundane sounds of life, all through electronic manipulation.  My hat is off to these amazingly talented minds, I am far from one of them.  Well, at least I wasn't until I heard about Moog Music's upcoming app, Filtatron.

An announcement of a neat application is a fine and dandy, but there can be a problem when people don't actually don't know how it works.  Here is a basic video breakdown of what it can do.

Now to some that may sound like audio garbage, others would see it as the foundation of a fundamental switch in how electronic music can be both created and performed.  Essentially this relatively cheap piece of software has the potential to, on some levels, replace the need for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in equipment.  The question then remains that if Moog is the producer of said high end equipment, why would they want to release an app that could do the same thing?
“This powerful app extends the studio capabilities of traditional Moog users, and also provides music enthusiasts and Moog fans a fantastic way to create and share their personalized presets. All for a price that makes the Moog sound accessible to a wide audience.” -- Mike Adams, president of Moog Music

Taking a stance against making the larger cash-ins that traditional recording equipment provide is a courageous, given the massive install base of iOS hardware.  Lets just hope that the plan doesn't backfire in their face.  However, whenever you take a risk in the name of music, you're taking a noble step forward for everyone.  Be sure to give the app a look when it launches on the App Store on October 18th.

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