Heading to the top floor in Tower of God: New World is a tall order, even if you already have a top team of tower topplers. Luckily, help is arriving in the form of a new SSR character, Norvic, as well as concurrent three special events to shower you with all the resources you might need.

Tower of God follows the story of Twenty-Fifth Bam, who has lived all his life under the titular tower. When his only friend and companion, Rachel, decides to leave him and climb the tower, Bam soon follows suit, discovering that there is a series of successively more difficult trails to advance floors. Steeling himself for the possibility of death, Bam tackles the monolith in the hopes of finding Rachel.

Entering the battle alongside Bam is the new SSR Spear Bearer, the Blue Element Tanker Novick. Khun Aguero Agnes recruited him to be part of an elite squad to assist Rachel and comes with an obsessive need for authority which leads him to constantly challenge Khun for the group's leadership.

His brash nature will come in handy, and he nonetheless makes a good leader, with his skill to increase Physical Resistance, and also protect his allies with Swiftness Increase Block. Thanks to this, will can slot pretty well into any team that is lacking a tank, with the added support for the other members nothing to turn your nose up at.

As well as this prospective recruit, players can take part in a new side story called Rak’s Strange Adventure. During the final test, Rak manages to get separated from his team and comes face to face with a group of barnacle goblins. Help him overcome this challenge, and you will get yourself ten Normal Summon Tickets.

As a little bonus, there are three limited-time events running until November 15th. Recruit Novick, and you will be able to clear a variety of missions to get rewards such as Normal Summon Tickets. If you fancy grinding, the Element Training Event will let you earn Element Crystals to trade for a variety of items at the Event Shot. Finally, for those who want something for nothing, simply log on during the November Check-in Event to get free rewards like Suspendium, Soul Crystals, and more.

Tower of God: New World is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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