A Case of Distrust a narrative-focused mystery game that's set in the roaring 20s. In it, you play as a detective with one of the most private eye sounding names ever – Phyllis Cadence Malone. You'll follow her journey in San Francisco as she hunts for evidence in billiard halls and barbershops.

The story will look to tackle various delicate themes throughout the narrative including poverty and racism. These aren't topics that are usually dealt with particularly well in games if they are at all. So I'm intrigued to see how well they're covered in A Case of Distrust.

In terms of the gameplay, the developer has cited numerous influences for A Case of Distrust including Phoenix Wright and the board game Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. It will see you interrogating various suspects and attempting to prove they're lying by using evidence and witness statements you've collated.

It'll play out partially as a point and click adventure game, with you scouring the different scenes for evidence that you can use. Then, when you talk to different individuals about the case you're working you can decide which pieces of evidence or witness statements to confront them with and they will respond accordingly. It all sounds very interesting.

It's not only the promise of detective gameplay that makes A Case of Distrust so intriguing though. The art-style is very eye-catching. It's been inspired by 1920's graphic designer called Saul Bass and it looks very stylish. Couple that with the finger-snapping music that reminds me of an era I wasn't even born in and you're left with a game that really pulls you in from a presentation standpoint.

A Case of Distrust is available now on the App Store. It's a premium game that costs $4.99.

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