6 Pokemon GO updates you can expect, according to Comic-Con

Posted by Nick Tylwalk on July 25th, 2016
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Pokemon GO had a scheduled appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con for a while, but it was only relatively close to the show that it was upgraded to a spot in Hall H. That's the biggest venue at SDCC, one usually reserved for the largest movie and television panels.

Such is the runaway success of Pokemon GO that no one really batted an eye when the game's panel, which featured folks from the game's developer, Niantic, including studio chief John Hanke. While he and his team spoke this weekend about when has happened with the game so far, the big draw was everything they hinted at that is yet to come.

The quote that attracted a lot of media attention was when Hanke suggested that Niantic has only been able to put "about 10 percent" of their wish list into the game to date. That jives with the feeling that Pokemon GO is somewhat shallow for a Pokemon title, and perhaps released light on features intentionally so that Niantic and Nintendo could test the waters with regards to its servers.

We didn't have anyone at the Comic-Con panel from 148apps, but thanks to great outlets like the Mary Sue, here are six things we can report that Hanke and company said will show up in the game in future updates:


Niantic has hinted at this from the start, and likly didn't implement it at launch because of the extra level of strain it would put on servers and because of questions it would raise about the in-game economy. But a Pokemon game without training is like a day at the beach without waves, so you can rest assured you'll be able to swap pocket monsters with other players at some point.

A fix for the 'Nearby' feature

Because it's been broken from the start, you may not even be aware that when you tap the 'Nearby' panel in the bottom-right corner of the main game screen, it's supposed to tell you how close those Pokemon are by the number of footprints that appear. Alas, it doesn't work, and all of them show three footprints. It's an error Niantic will fix, though it's not a priority at the moment.

Improved PokeStops

Right now PokeStops are important mostly so you can stay stocked up on Pokeballs and as places to set Lure Modules. But they can be more, and they will be, eventually.

Training updates

This one is somewhat vague, but right now the only way to train your Pokemon is to give them some candy that improves their Combat Power. There's obviously a lot more that could be done to make them more useful, and you can expect to see that happen down the road.

More Pokemon in the game

An absolute no-brainer, especially once lots of players manage to track down all the Pokemon included in the game at launch. What's interesting is that the panel suggested that the roster expansion might take place over years, not months, so we shouldn't anticipate a continuous flood of new additions.

Interaction with team leaders

The choice of team may end up being much more significant after a few big Pokemon GO updates, which is something many fans have anticipated. According to the panel, you may get to talk to the leader of your team and even perform missions that they assign.

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