5 best games like Coin Master

Posted by Nitisha Upadhye on March 7th, 2022

Even in 2022, Coin Master remains one of the best-selling mobile games. The quick and easy gameplay combined with the slot mechanism makes it addictive. The attractive visuals and social sharing features only make it more fun.

Of course, a hit game quickly gives rise to rip-offs and imitative products, and Coin Master was not spared. In case you’re looking for other alternatives to Coin Master, you can check out this list.

Top 5 games like Coin Master for Android & iOS devices

We have handpicked some of the games that resemble Coin Master.

1. Piggy GO - Clash of Coin

Piggy GO looks suspiciously like Coin Master with the pig mascot, but the two games are considerably different. To begin with, Piggy GO is a board game. You win coins by playing the game, you get to loot vaults, develop your city, and attack your friends’ cities. You collect cosmetic items to customize your character.

2. Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings take things up a level by adding pirates to the ‘Coin Master’ gameplay. Instead of villages, you’ll be attacking friends’ islands. The game retains the slots from Coin Master just with different symbols. You also get to explore and build new islands and sail around.

3. Coin Kingdom

Coin Kingdom has the same gameplay as Coin Master. You spin the reels, raid friends’ kingdoms, and develop your own. However, Coin Kingdom goes a step further. Players become a king and employ servants to assist in raids. The game also features other mini-games.

4. Spin Voyage: Coin Simulation

Spin Voyage’s colourful graphics are sure to catch your eye. The game’s focus seems to be more on the slot aspect. You have to collect coins from the slots and build an empire. Players get to explore locations from all over the world and build villages. To collect more coins, you can raid random villages.

5. Pet Master

Pet Master is another title from the Coin Master developer Moon Active. As you can imagine, the game resembles Coin Master a lot. Along with slots, Pet Master also has a board game. You can also collect cards and explore various locations.

You can download all of these games on Google Play and the App Store.

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