So, the Apple Watch launch is very nearly upon us, presumably changing our lives in ways that we can only imagine, much like the iPhone before it. Failing that, hopefully it’ll be a cool and useful watch to own. We thought we’d take a look at four of the games we’d love to see make their way to the device, bearing in mind the limitations that its size might offer.


A two-player word game, Letterpress is addictive. There’s a grid of letters and you have to make words out of them, with the caveat being the importance of colorization. Once you’ve used a letter it changes to your color, giving you control of it. If your opponent uses it, you gain some of their points for doing so. Strategy is everything here. It’d be the ideal way to keep you and a friend busy while you’re waiting around for something.

Logic Dots

Kind of like if Sudoku and Picrosse made a baby, Logic Dots is another one that’s ideal for casual play. You have to place a set number of dots in a line, often in a set arrangement in order to progress. It’s simple to learn but quite fiendish as you progress. Again, its controls are simple, potentially lending themselves well to the Apple Watch. Think of it as an ideal replacement to your daily crossword puzzle.


Threes! is a little bit awesome in its own right. It’s incredibly simple, merely requiring you to match together tiles to create increasingly large numbers, all divisible by three. You start out matching 1s and 2s and before you know it you’re onto 48, 72, and so forth. Crucially, this is a title that could work well on the Apple Watch purely because it doesn’t involve speedy reactions and its graphics are fairly simple yet clear to see. Although it’s so good that it might drain that battery (and your free time) like lightning.

Anything from Simogo

This one’s vague because, hey, I’m not a games developer. If anyone could make an amazingly innovative game for the Apple Watch though, it’s going to be Simogo. Its past titles for iOS have been exceptional thanks to their artistic visions and some great uses of the technology offered by iOS devices. Have I got any idea what they’d do with an Apple Watch? Not a clue. Do I think they’d do a sterling job of wowing us? Oh, yes!

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