If you’re hooked on PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator but are nearing the end of your journey as YouTube superstar, fear not. There is a veritable slew of great simulation games on mobile that will help you waste away the hours. We’ve got nature sims, city building sims, restaurant sims--you name it and there’s probably a game for it.

Not all simulators on the App Store are created equal, though, so we’ve devised a list of four of our favorites to get you started.

Game Dev Story

This classic, ultra-addictive sim casts you as the leader of a game development studio. You have to oversee all facets of the game design process--from pitching the game, to sound design, to promoting it at conventions.

It’s a fun little satire on the games industry complemented by thoughtful design and deep gameplay. Game Dev Story is a must play for any video game enthusiast.

Tiny Tower

Former SimCity addicts will be pleased to know that there’s a sturdy little tribute to the franchise on mobile. Rather than a full city, you micro-manage an up and coming urban tower. Add floors to draw in businesses and residents. Once you have a thriving population of “Bitizens” you’ll need to keep them happy by ensuring that everything in the tower is running smoothly. On top of that, fulfilling your Bitizens needs and dreams will bring added success to your tower.

Order Up!! To Go

Diner Dash clones are a dime a dozen on mobile, but Order Up!! To Go changes up the restaurant sim landscape a bit. It’s more in the vein of Cooking Mama or Cook, Serve, Delicious in that you’re concerned with preparing the food to your customer’s liking rather than serving it up while managing a bunch of other tasks.

Follow recipes to cook food to perfection. There’s a huge repertoire of dishes to unlock as you build up your growing restaurant and make a name for yourself.

Plague Inc.

Maybe your simulation interests wander down a darker path. If that’s the case, Plague Inc. is perfect. It’s similar to classic games like Pandemic, but this time around you’re trying to develop a plague to destroy civilization, rather than save it with a cure. Levels are broken up by disease type, and as you progress you’ll find new ways to end humanity.

The apps above will keep you entertained for hours as you build mini business empires, imaginary design studios, or eerily realistic apocalypse scenarios. The joy of simulators is that you can be whatever you want to be, and these games will let you wear many hats.

Are you a fellow fan of simulation games? Leave your personal recommendations in the comments below!

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