Stoic Games brings us another viking epic in the guise of Banner Saga 2 this week. It’s a sweeping tale, richly animated and draped in melancholy and moments of beauty. The game’s been received as a much improved follow up to the first entry in the series.

As befitting a game set at the end of days, Banner Saga 2 features a tough grid-based tactical RPG battle system that does not go easy on you. Here are a few tips to ensure that your quest is a successful one.

Diversify your party

Strength might win out in the beginning, but the challenges you face will only increase in difficulty as you progress. Make sure your party has a good mix of tank, melee, ranged, and support characters so you can match anything the Dredge bring into battle. Don’t forget to check out which characters have the best abilities to complement your group overall.

Manage your resources
Have you ever played The Oregon Trail? The Banner Saga is a bit like that, in that you’re following a trail, and you have to maintain supplies and morale along the way. It’s easy to get distracted by the glory of battle but it’s important that you stop to buy fresh supplies to keep your fellow travellers well fed and happy. If you skimp on managing your supplies early on you’ll be in big trouble further along in your journey.

Read up on your abilities
Make sure you read the ability descriptions before you use them. Some characters have area of effect abilities that not only take out the Dredge, but can also do some serious damage to fellow party members. Banner Saga 2 can be unforgiving enough, so be sure to avoid silly mistakes.

Banner Saga 2 doesn’t hold back, but it’s a gorgeous, deeply moving experience that will reward you if you do your research and truly learn the game’s systems. These tips should prove helpful as you begin your adventure.

Already beat Banner Saga 2? Share your tips and experiences in the comments.

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