2K and Lucid Games have announced that 2K Drive will be racing onto the App Store this fall as a premium title. To add a little background, Lucid Games is a studio founded by the creators of Blur and the popular Project Gotham Racing series, so it'll be great to see what they have on track for us drivers when they bring their new racing sim to iOS.

2K Drive features iconic locations from around the world with a large number of racing modes for players to speed through. With both single and multiplayer modes, players will partake in track racing, drag racing, street racing, off-road racing, and over 20 challenging mini-games. I'm so ready for all of that!

The game also features a mode called "RaceFace" which puts the player's face behind the wheel of more than 25 cars. Ok, that's not too interesting, but players will be able to see their friends' faces when playing against them in asynchronous multiplayer mode. I can't wait to see all my friends' faces in my rear-view mirror!

Car lovers will also be happy to hear that the game features a live newsfeed on the cover page of the app which provides automotive enthusiasts with videos and photo galleries. It also lets gamers like and share the latest news from many automotive news sources, such as Car & Driver, Road & Track, AutoBlog, and many more.

I think it's easy to say that I'm beyond excited for the release of 2K Drive. Don't disappoint me!

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