Gardenscapes is a popular casual game with a laid-back vibe. Playrix has combined mini puzzle game levels alongside a gripping storyline. The core gameplay involves clearing puzzles to get stars as rewards. These stars can then be used to clear tasks and get new items for your garden and mansion.

Imagine a mix of Candy Crush and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and you get a good picture of Gardenscapes.

Several games follow the pattern set by Gardenscapes. Some involve renovating homes and others take you underwater. If match-3 puzzles and interior designs are your things, then this list will surely appeal to you.

Lily's Garden

If restoring and decorating gardens is your thing, then Lily’s Garden is something you need to check out. The puzzle game is a classic match-3 with a few mini-games on the side. You play as Lily and experience the tumultuous, dramatic plot from her perspective. Of course, you also have to renovate stuff and decorate the garden.

Penny and Flo

Penny & Flo: Finding Home is another game similar to Lily’s Garden. Once again, the cut scenes introduce you to some quirky characters and a gripping plot. Players have to renovate and decorate gardens and mansions. You unlock items and finish tasks as you solve puzzles.


Just like the name suggests, Fishdom is all about decorating underwater kingdoms. You have to solve puzzles to unlock new fishes and other decorative items. Along with this, you will also be taking care of your fishes and their kingdom. Mini-games on the side make this one a lot more fun.


Homescapes is another game by Playrix from the popular Scapes series. The gameplay is very similar to Gardenscapes, and it even retains the lead character Austin. This time, the single-player campaign takes place in a huge mansion. Your goal is to restore the dilapidated mansion and decorate it tastefully.

My Home - Design Dreams

If you want a designing game minus all the drama, then ‘My Home - Design Dreams’ is a good choice. The game has an adventurous plot and a cast of diverse characters. Despite that, the focus is on design and tasteful decorations. Play the simple puzzles and show off your designer skills.

You can download these games from Google Play and App Store.

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