Pardon the obvious lead-in but ’Tis the Season. And truly, ’tis. If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet (or even started it), chances are you could use a hand. That’s where 148Apps comes in. We’ve got a list of helpful shopping apps for you to browse through that should make the mad rush for gifts a touch easier. They won’t help to shove crowds of last-minute shoppers out of your way, but they could very well keep you from having to deal with such circumstances in the first place.

With that in mind, we present you with 148Apps’ Big List O’ Holiday Shopping Apps!


Mashalot (Free - iPhone) is a kind of hybridization between social apps like Twitter and Pinterest, and consumerism. Users create a profile, snap pictures of their purchases, add tags, categorize their finds, and share news of their catch with the community. The power lies in its open-endedness. Since all content is use-created and supplied, it can include information on more than just simple retail items. Cars, houses, insurance rates - the sky is pretty much the limit. And it works well as a wish list, too!

Shopping by TheFind

Shopping by TheFind (Free - Universal) is more of a cross-referencing tool. You can search the app to find the best prices and stores for the items they’re looking for, or even scan barcodes to compare prices while in the store. It can also notify you of coupons and other deals while you’re in the checkout. And if that’s not enough, it’s also possible to sign in with Facebook (don’t worry, they won’t post on your timeline) for a much more personalized experience.

Coupons by Shopular

Coupons by Shopular (Free - Universal) creates a personalized coupon book just for you. It offers up a selection of hand-picked coupons every day, throughout a large assortment of stores like Best Buy, Starbucks, Hollister, and so on. The app uses the iOS device’s location services to tell when you’re near various stores, then automatically notifies you of all the deals when you’re in the vicinity. No subscriptions, no prepaying for savings, no need to sign up, and most importantly: no searching.


RedLaser (Free - iPhone) focuses on using your iPhone to scan barcodes and QR codes in order to comparison shop instantly. It will cross-reference the price of whatever you scan with online stores, pull up coupons and circulars, and even suggest alternatives if needed. It can also be used to store loyalty card info, pull up store maps and listed hours while in-store, create shopping and wish lists, and backup all of your info securely with a RedLaser account.

Price Check by Amazon

Ever pull out your iPhone while shopping to check the price of something on Amazon? Well that’s exactly why Price Check by Amazon (Free - iPhone) exists. This official app will let you search through Amazon’s online stock via barcode scanning, text, voice, or photo. Entries include customer reviews along with the pricing information, and the app even offers price-matching for products in the US Amazon store.


BuyVia (Free - Universal) is another concierge-style app that lets you create your own custom profile of favorite stores and products, both online and off. It will search for deals catered to your specifications, alert you when an item you’re after goes on sale or has a price drop, and offers those ever-popular barcode scanning price comparisons. Perhaps the best part is that the app stores your details securely on the cloud, and allows you to access your lists and deals across all of your iOS devices. So you can set up a list at home on the iPad, then double-check it on your iPhone when you’re out.


Retale (Free - Universal) aims to be your go-to app for finding deals at big name stores. It provides you with digital circulars to peruse, and can also notify you when your favorite stores are having sales. It can be used to search for individual products, create a shopping list (or several), save your favorite pages, and notify you when a sale is actually about to end. No more coupon clipping and no more forgetting!


PriceGrabber (Free - iPhone) is another app in the vein of RedLaser. Nothing wrong with having a few options, is there? You can scan barcodes to compare prices with other online and brick-and-mortar stores, receive price alerts, favorite items you may not be ready to purchase just yet, and other such cool stuff. Get directions to physical stores, see if a specific item is available - the list goes on. It also features a “Gift Shaker” that will provide random gift suggestions.

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