What's New


Powerups changes:
- Ice powerup has been made heavier, so he will not bounce away as far
- Bounce powerup will now auto-target nearby enemies when bouncing
- Powerups will now combo for more points

The Score System has been completely redone:
- Time has been replaced with a score value, as is present in Survival modes.
- Individual levels now each have a highscore, connected to a crystal leaderboard
- Players are rewarded a bronze/silver/gold star based on a target score
- Score screen now clearly indicates a required score for the next star
- Score rewards have been tweaked to encourage combos and powerup usage for massive points
- Flawless victories (no escaped toxins) will now double the player's score

User Interface:
- Below the score, an indicator will show the amount of enemies still to come
- When a toxin escapes, the word "escaped" will be displayed

- Level pacing has been tweaked, making many levels shorter.
- First survival level has been unlocked, and contains all enemy types right from the start, so you can hop right in!
 - Remaining survivals will unlock throughout the first 3 campaigns, or when finishing the boss
- Toxiary has been fully unlocked in line with the survival update
- The first level of every campaign has been unlocked, so players can skip to a future campaign
- Powerup tutorials and Enemy introductions will be shown only once

Thanks for playing Sticky. We hope you like the improvements and please consider changing 1* ratings if you enjoy the game!

App Description

Get gooey in this great, gloopy adventure!

The world’s energy resources are dwindling, in an effort to save the planet Professor B Bunsen attempts to create a new infinite fuel source-but accidentally creates Sticky, the loveable little ball of orange goo, and he is about to embark on quite an adventure!

Use the super easy control scheme to fling Sticky across the screen and bash into his sludgy enemies. Land on their heads to turn them to mush, string together combos by bouncing from one sludge ball to the next to rack up some serious points! Use your sticky body to good effect as you take on waves of evil blobs!

The evil Dr. Globule has unleashed his army of sludge monsters and it’s up to you to stop them from making their way through the pipes and taking over the world. It’s not always as simple as just landing on their heads however, some bobs will take multiple hits, some can make themselves into solid rock and some are walking icicles! But Sticky himself has some tricks up his sleeve…

Collect power-ups to aid you in your defense of Professor Bunsen, including an anvil that turns sticky into a giant round ball capable of crushing most blobs in one go; an ice gem that allows Sticky to freeze the oncoming enemies and then smash them to tiny pieces! Or a shield that encases sticky in rock and allows him to bash into even the toughest enemies!

Sticky is fully integrated with Crystal and Game Center, unlock achievements and compare your scores with friends and other players across the whole world!


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App Changes

  • March 03, 2011 New version 1.02
  • February 17, 2011 New version 1.01