Five For Friday: Week of February 17

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 17th, 2012

It's the end of the week already? The week and the year appear to be flying by, that or I'm getting old. As it's Friday, again, it's only right that I discuss five apps and games worth taking the time to look at this weekend and into next week. This week's offerings are a little app heavy but there's certainly fun to be had.

Graffiti Me!

Some may see it as unsightly but graffiti can look extremely impressive and artistic when drawn by someone with talent. Graffiti Me! takes that kind of style and offers the ability to turn photos into beautiful and cool graffiti art. Like all the best photo filter apps, it takes seconds to create the effect at the touch of one button, with further control stemming from adjustable parameters.

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 2

The rabbit and dog detective duo, Sam & Max, have been popular for many years, offering sharp and witty humor and some very surreal storytelling. While Beyond Time and Space has been available on other systems in the past, it's only now that iOS gamers get the chance to try out the series. This week marked the release of Episode 2, Moai Better Blues, and it's one of the best of the season.


WinZip has been saving precious hard drive space for the past 20 years with its leading file compression technology. That technology has now reached iOS, offering users the ability to open and browse Zip files while on the move. Numerous zipped file types can also be previewed covering all the major file extensions.


There are a ton of different journal apps out there. Pinmark does things a little differently, however, by automatically collecting and organizing the places the user visits as well as the photos they take and music they listen to, all alongside a note taking facility. All information is stored on the iPhone rather than on any remote server and it makes for a great way to look back at places visited to relive some memories of what happened back then.


Originally a PC and Mac title, Fractal is a puzzle game that will seem quite familiar, yet offers compelling gameplay. Players must manipulate fractals to a gloriously imaginative backdrop and memorable musical score. Think Bejewelled but with more style.