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A New Look and Better Performance Comes to VPN Unlimited

Posted by Jessica Fisher on February 12th, 2015
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VPN Unlimited, by Simplex Solutions, is a virtual private network app that has no limits on the bandwidth or connection speed and provides you with a secure connection.

Simplex Soultions has just released version 3.0, which has strengthened encryption methods, added a fully downloadable global server list, included the ability to use VPN on up to 5 devices through one account, and gives hands-on statistics for each device. They have also redesigned the user interface, making it sleeker and easier to use. The app now has new servers in Romania, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ukraine, Japan, Texas, and Florida as well.

You can download VPN Unlimited for free on the App Store. It gives you ten days of free service, after which you can opt in to one of their time-limited subscriptions.

Petcube Lets You Stay Connected with Your Pet, Even When You're Not Home

Posted by Jessica Fisher on August 15th, 2014
iPhone & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, compatible with iPad

Petcube is a WiFi camera and app combo that can let you keep your pet company while you're away. The Camera is a small cube that you place anywhere in your home that might have a good view of your pet and is still in range of your WiFi. Then, using the app, you can see what they're up to, give them some exercise with a built-in laser pointer, and share photos and updates of your furry friend.

The camera is in preorder sales right now and will be shipping October. You can buy one for $179 - which is $20 off the retail price. The Petcube app is available today for free on the app store and, while the camera is not available as of yet, you can still use the app to post adorable pic of your pets.

Seagate Wireless Plus 1T Wireless Hard Drive Review

By Jeff Scott on December 12th, 2013
A fantastic drive for those willing to give up physical size and deal with a couple hiccups for storage space. This 1TB drive holds hundred of movies all streamable to any iOS device with the Seagate Media app.
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Skye - Auris Launches New Kickstarter Campaign for a WiFi Music Receiver

Posted by Andrew Stevens on September 17th, 2013

Auris launched a new Kickstarter campaign yesterday for a WiFi music receiver called Skye. The new device will allow users to stream their music through AirPlay or DLNA, providing high quality audio from their iOS device. They have a goal of $56,000 and have already obtained over $50,000 in its first day, so it is certainly appealing to many!

Qantas Offering In-Flight iPads

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on October 20th, 2010

If you're planning a trip to Australia or Asia in the near future you may want to consider flying Qantas Air, as the company has announced a new program in which it will offer iPads as an in-flight amenity. The devices will be available on both the company's domestic and international Jetstar flights.

"We're in the final stages of putting in place what would be a broader roll out across the network," a Jetstar spokesman said. "We're in ongoing discussion with the manufacturer around a more integrated network proposition."

No pricing details were announced, but you can rest assured that such a luxury likely won't come free. It's also unclear if the devices will be tailored toward business or pleasure, and we can't help but wonder if the devices will be loaded with business software, games, books, movies or some combination.

Regardless of what comes on the in-flight iPad it's almost assuredly better than listening to the limited radio stations in your chair armrest, watching terrible movies on tiny screens or reading the SkyMall catalog over and over and wondering who on earth needs a water purification system for their dog. We'll gladly take an iPad over all those things, especially if the rental cost includes WiFi so we can surf the Web while cruising at 30,000 feet.

All in all this seems like a pretty nice deal for Qantas, and a definite perk for travelers to keep in mind as they book their travel arrangements. The company had better enjoy it while it lasts though, because this seems like too brilliant an idea to remain exclusive for long - expect competitors to follow suit very shortly.

[via MarketWatch]

Famingo Releases WiFi Enabled Hot Potato Game

Posted by Ryan Wood on September 30th, 2010

If you ask me, tossing your iPhone around like it's a Hot Potato just sounds like a bad idea. That is of course, unless you're sporting a heavy duty case. For those of you who don't have Iron Man equivalent armor for your Apple product, Famingo has provided the solution.

Through WiFi, up to 9 devices can toss a virtual potato around without putting any real risk to the device itself. With the flick of a finger, the potato is sent to another persons device, and the person left with the potato is out of the game. Points accrue that can be used to challenge members within your "network" of friends.

The whole concept behind Hot Potato is simple, quick, fun multi-player games. Matches don't require much work to start up, especially if everyone has already set up their individual accounts, and the matches are quick and high intensity. Bonus points are gained by quick flicks and sending it to different targets each time.

Score tracking and game history are both available through famingogames.com, making this a fun, safe, competitive match of Hot Potato. The major set back comes from having to get a group of friends who all have an iPod, iPhone, or iPad. I don't have that luxury with my group of friends, but for those of you who do, Hot Potato stands to offer quick high intensity fun.


An iPhone Owner's Travel Lessons Learned From Comic-Con

Posted by Carter Dotson on August 2nd, 2010

As iPhone owners may know, it's far from a perfect device, and its US carrier is far from perfect either. Heading out to one of the biggest celebrations of geek culture, the infamous San Diego Comic-Con, for the first time, I realized how much these issues will come to light when you're out and about with thousands of your closest fellow geeks, nerds, otaku, et cetera. I came back with 4 important things to remember the next time I or any other iPhone owner heads out to a big trip with their iPhone in tow.

1. Phones will die. Prepare accordingly.

The iPhone is not a paragon of extensive battery life. Thankfully, the various extended life battery packs that are available can be a lifesaver for the iPhone owner. If you're heading out to Comic-Con, picking up a couple is a very good idea, as otherwise your phone will die. Some columnists would make it a point to say "you're hanging out with real people, enjoy their presence," but we all know sometimes you need to check your tweets, or text someone to figure out what's going on. Having an actual working phone is better than not having one, and a backup battery will go a long way towards preventing that from happening.

Now, you'll want to make sure that your backup battery actually works. I had 2 batteries to help charge my iPhone, a 1900 mAh battery, and an 800 mAh battery that was small enough to carry around as a key fob. I hadn't charged my larger capacity backup battery in months, and a few days before I left, I decided to charge it up, only to discover that I hadn't used it in so long that it wouldn't hold a charge. Well, no matter, I still had my 800 mAh backup battery, which charges via mini USB, and I had a mini USB wall charger that I brought along with my camera. But the fool in me failed to make sure said wall charger would work with my backup battery. I sure regretted this when I discovered it wouldn't charge, and I had no mini USB cable with me as well, somehow. I was at the mercy of my 2 year old iPhone 3G's stock battery. It suffered at times, to say the least.

Of course, even if you can keep your phone alive, other people's phones won't be so lucky. Set up times and places to meet so that if you do lose contact with them, you won't be lost and wandering a strange city looking for people out amongst thousands and thousands of geeks.

EA Update Big Hits with Multiplayer

Posted by Jeff Scott on December 17th, 2009
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EA have released updates for three of their largest games that give them local multiplayer capabilities.

Madden 10, Tiger Woods, and Command and Conquer have gotten updates in the recent days that give them local multiplayer capabilities and EA have done it right.

For example, when playing Tiger Woods, you will actually be watching your opponent live as they play. You see them swing and the travel of their ball live you your screen just as they do on their screen. Tiger Woods supports both Bluetooth and Wifi local multiplayer and all courses are available to play.

For Madden, you each choose your teams and battle it out over a game, each picking their plays and playing in real time. Madden only supports Bluetooth multiplayer.

And for Command and Conquer, each command factions on the game map at the same time. Clashing as each team seeks to expand their territory. C&C works with both Wifi and Bluetooth for local multiplayer.

While we'd love to see large scale global multiplayer in these games, this is a first step and a great step for big fans of these games.


Posted by Donna Harrison on May 5th, 2009
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Developer: Emanuele Vulcano
Price: free
Version Reviewed: 1.0

iPhone Integration [rating:4/5]
User Interface [rating:4/5]
Re-use / Replay Value [rating:4/5]


After checking out this utility from Infinity Labs I was compelled to write a quick and dirty review---it's simply too awesome to keep to myself. Mover allows you to send pictures and contacts to the iPhone or iPod touch sitting right next to you. There is no required pairing; each device simply opens the Mover application and they recognize each other over a shared wifi network. You then choose a picture or contact to send, swipe in the direction indicated on the screen and the item appears on the other device. That's it! Mover even saves the contact or picture in the appropriate application for you. Also, when you delete items from Mover's screen it does not delete the photo or contact from your iPhone, only from the app itself.

Mover allows the direct sharing of items that might usually require a sync or more cumbersome file transfer. I have found it to be stable and flawless in its execution thus far. My wish for a next version would be the ability to send more than one item at a time. Mover is open-source software, so who knows what enhancements may be in store. I encourage you to check it out, especially at its current price.



iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Bonnie Eisenman on March 23rd, 2009
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Discover is a free gem that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless flash drive combined with a file viewer. With plenty of features, the only real downside to Discover is the ads and some minor lag—but at least you won't hear anyone complai
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iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Chris Hall on March 19th, 2009
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: AVERAGE
If you have a super speedy router and need some wireless headphones to watch movies on a computer plugged into a TV that is across the room, this is the app for you. It would be hard to recommend this app otherwise, given the quality of some other apps th
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Harvest Time Tracker

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Gary Lucero on February 26th, 2009
Our rating: starstarstarstarhalfstar :: RECOMMENDED
Harvest Time Tracker for iPhone is just one piece of the puzzle. It is used in conjunction with Harvest, the online subscription-based time tracking and invoicing system. While this app allows you to track time for the projects you are working on, managem
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+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Gary Lucero on February 25th, 2009
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In a nutshell Trunk is a personal wiki. It gives you the tools to create interconnected web pages using the simple Markdown language as well as the more complex HTML tags. Anyone can create these pages using WikiWords, and pages can store links to other p
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iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Gary Lucero on February 19th, 2009
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: RECOMMENDED
TextGuru is a full fledged text editor for the iPhone. It let's you organize files in nested folders, offers cut, copy and paste, can share files via wifi, and can import files via FTP and the Internet. It also serves as a viewer of common file formats su
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Note Pad

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Gary Lucero on February 10th, 2009
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: AVERAGE
Note Pad is a text editor that lets you store notes into standard folders or in smart folders that automatically populate with notes that match the list of keywords associated with them or with notes whose location is within a certain distance of your cur
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