Whisper is a Safe Place for Users to Post Secrets Online

Posted by Kevin Stout on June 27th, 2012

Late last year the PostSecret app was removed from the App Store. PostSecret allowed users to submit their posts to the PostSecret art project (where users send in anonymous postcards with their secrets). The volunteer moderators were unable to keep up with the abusive and threatening submissions, so the app was removed. A new app has just been released with a similar objective, but with security measures in place to prevent the inherent problems with that kind of app. Whisper is being advertised as the "anti-Facebook," where users can hop on and tell the truth without the "look at me" feel of Facebook.

The app allows users to express themselves with photo filters and fonts, uses a real-time stream (similar to Facebook), and even allows users to share things over other social networks (including Facebook as well as Twitter and Tumblr).

Since the app has been released, the average user of Whisper visits the app ten times a day and spends a total on an hour or more on it. The popularity of the app is rising and it's free to download. Whisper also has a website to check out as well.