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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Carter Dotson on December 21st, 2010
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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is a mixture of tower defense and hack 'n slash games that often go together like oil and water.
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Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Launching Tomorrow – First Third Party Unreal Engine Game

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on December 15th, 2010

Last month we told you that Dungeon Defenders: First Wave would be landing on iOS in the near future, and now it seems the time is officially upon us. Developer Trendy Entertainment has announced that the tower defense/RPG hybrid will be making its App Store debut on December 16th. The game will also be available for PC early next year, and players will be able to port their characters from one version of the game to the other seamlessly.

Perhaps the most interesting detail about Dungeon Defenders is that it's powered by Epic's Unreal Engine 3, the same engine which was featured in the recently released Infinity Blade. A key difference however, is that Infinity Blade was handled by Epic itself, while Dungeon Defenders is a third-party affair. So, how well will an outside party handle Epic's tool set? We'll find out for ourselves tomorrow.

If console and PC gaming is anything to go on, then this should all work out rather well. Epic has licensed its engine for quite a while in other mediums, and the results have been mostly positive. Developers have enjoyed access to a powerful, yet easy-to-use engine which creates very impressive visuals. The downsides are that after a while a lot of games start to look alike because they're all made with UE 3, and while outside parties can still make very nice games of their own, Epic knows all the tricks behind their own tools, so they're the only ones who can truly unlock all the power of Unreal.

Still, it's a net gain for the industry and we look forward to seeing what Dungeon Defenders can do once it makes its grand debut. We've been looking forward to this game for a while now and the wait is finally over. Here's hoping we're in for pleasant surprises rather than massive disappointment.

[via Dungeon Defenders Blog]

Infinity Blade Gets Release Date and Price

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on November 30th, 2010

Last month we told you that Epic's impressive looking Infinity Blade would make its way to iOS devices in time for the holidays. Now we have even more specifics, as Epic has officially announced that the game will be available on all iOS machines on December 9. In case that sounds far off to you for some reason, remember that it's actually next week.

The action RPG is poised to be one of the most graphically impressive games to come to iOS, considering it's being powered by Unreal Engine 3. As the studio which created UE 3, Epic is well-versed at getting the most out of the engine, and if early screenshots are any indication, this title is going to be absolutely gorgeous.

It seems we may also have to pay a premium for those tantalizing visuals, as Epic has also announced that Infinity Blade will retail for $5.99. For many iPhone owners there may be a bit of sticker shock associated with such a price, especially considering a lot of perfectly nice looking games sell on the App Store for $0.99. Is this game really going to be worth the money?

While we can't say for sure if Infinity Blade is worth your money, signs are pointing in a positive direction. The game appears to be polished to an incredible degree, and Epic as a studio is known for their high-quality work in creating compelling gameplay experiences. Past performance may not be an indication of future results, but Infinity Blade really holds a lot of promise. For iPad owners this game is a near no-brainer, as the $5.99 price tag easily falls in line with what they're used to paying for apps, and may even be considered a bargain in some respects. UPDATE: Our source does indeed say "Universal App" so the screen resolution shouldn't be an issue. Thanks to Twitter fan @enygmadraco for catching that! The trade-off is that there is no iPad-specific version of Infinity Blade planned, so the pretty visuals may be stretched and lose some resolution if you expand them out to fill the whole iPad screen. But we'll stop trying to sway you one way or the other, in a week you can decide for yourself.

[via Joystiq]

Infinity Blade Announced for Holidays

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on November 4th, 2010

Epic has officially announced that Infinity Blade, which up until now has been known as Project Sword, will be coming to iOS devices this holiday season. The game is powered by the Unreal Engine, and has been a hot topic of conversation ever since it was teased at Apple's keynote back in September. Some are expecting this to be the most visually impressive game yet for iOS machines.

Epic also dropped some new gameplay details, giving us our first taste of how the game will play. The company is promising that Infinity Blade will showcase "adrenaline-fueled sword battles and epic boss fights set in the realm of a fully 3D castle." There will be at least some RPG element to the proceedings, as players will gain experience, build stats and buy new items as they progress through the story. We also know that the final boss is called the God-King, which is either pure awesome or a shining example of how lazy some people have become.

One down note is that the game won't have multiplayer at launch, but the good news is that it will eventually come as a free update down the road. Since we don't yet have a firm release date for the game proper we also don't know when the multiplayer will show up, but we'd guess it will arrive in early 2011. There's also been no price announced yet for Infinity Blade, but given the production values and development costs it's likely going to retail for more than $0.99.

You may also want to invest in a convenient charging solution for your iPhone or iPad, as Infinity Blade will most surely be a battery hog. Enjoy playing the game in five minute spurts; that's likely about all you're going to manage to get out of something so resource taxing. Let's just hope your device doesn't die in the middle of the final fight with the God-King, because that would just be tragic.

[via TouchArcade]