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New Disney Infinity: Toy Box Update Brings Console Features, and Cuts the Required Console Ties

Posted by Stephen Hall on March 6th, 2014
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Disney Interactive's Disney Infinity: Toy Box has received an update with a ton of new features, including many that were previously exclusive to the game's full console version. In version 1.4, players will now be able to add toys to their Toy Boxes without being required to tether to the full-fledged version of the game. Additionally, the update adds "waves one and two hexagonal power discs," more pre-made Adventures, all of the game's Mastery Tutorials, and more features previously exclusive to the Disney Infinity console and PC game.

Additionally, the app now features a rewards program; log-in and play Disney Infinity on iPad, Windows Tablet, and PC at least 4 times within the week to earn a variety of new pre-made Adventures and additional toys. Finally, the update boasts the addition of a plethora of new in-app purchases including the "Ultimate Toy Box Experience," character bundles, and power disc bundles as well.

You can get Disney Infinity: Toy Box on the App Store for free.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box Review

iPad App - Designed for iPad
By Rob Rich on September 23rd, 2013
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Disney Infinity: Toy Box is a handy way to edit and manage creations for the console version, but it’s not such a great game.
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Disney Infinity: Toy Box Comes to iPad

Posted by Jeff Scott on September 18th, 2013
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Disney Infinity is the most ambitious video gaming project undertaken by Disney in it's history. This multi-platform open world gaming environment that crosses all Disney and Pixar properties has now come to the iPad. While we can't play the story mode of the console versions (yet), the Toy Box mode lets users play with worlds created in the game and use characters and items gathered while playing the story mode.

Disney Infinity Support for iPad Announced - Disney Infinity: Sand Box Coming Soon; Action! App Available Tomorrow

Posted by Jeff Scott on August 14th, 2013

Yesterday, Disney announced the official support for mobile platforms for their ambitious open world / sandbox game Infinity. And that includes the iPhone and iPad. Two apps were announced, one a creative video app, the other the mobile version of the sandbox mode from the larger Infinity product.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box App

The Toy Box app is a full blown, console-like experience for the toy box feature of Disney Infinity. In the Toy Box app players can create, download, and play various games within the Infinity world. Think of it as a super Minecraft for the Disney universe. The game is tied to the player's Disney ID to share both owned characters and created worlds with all connected platforms like XBox, PS/3, and Wii U -- and now the iPad.

The Toy Box app will allow players to create virtual worlds, from cities to play fields, even race tracks all with a Disney flair. Players can then take to the Toy Box and play in the virtual worlds with the included characters.

No release date is yet known for the Toy Box app, just that it's coming soon. It will be available free and use any characters or toys purchased or earned in the Infinity universe for consoles. This is one to watch for.

Disney Infinity: Action! App

The second app announced is one that allows the user to film themselves with overlays of Infinity characters Sully, Mr. Incredible, and Jack Sparrow. It's a fun little app that lets players interact with the characters and film them in various short movies. Those movies can then be shared to Facebook, YouTube, or saved to the camera roll. Take a look at the video below for an idea of what can be achieved with the Action app.

While Disney Infinity: Action isn't really tied into the Infinity world, it uses characters from the Infinity world, and it's a fun little free app. The Action app will be available this Thursday on the App Store.

Cut the Rope: Toy Box 1.4 Update and Plush Toys Coming Soon

Posted by Bobby Gooding on July 18th, 2011

Hugely popular iOS game developers, Chillingo, have today announced that they're not finished with feeding the cute little creature, Om Nom, just yet. The hit game, Cut the Rope, will be receiving its version 1.4 update in the near future, entitled 'Toy Box'. With this update will come 25 brand new levels, some new features and even new game mechanics that'll offer players some different ways to feed the little, green fellow.

New features will include a 'Star Key' that allows players to unlock boxes and the ability to choose what type of food is being played with -- so it's the players' choice whether Om Nom has candy or donuts, but please do try to mix it up and ensure the little guy gets a balanced and varied diet. They're also putting some hidden drawings into every box which can be unlocked and shared with friends via Facebook, while the final listed feature will allow one to get those friends playing by way of a built in 'Gift This App' option.

Finally, seeing as it's a 'Toy Box' update, there had better be some toys, right? Well there is; Chillingo are also launching a range of plush Om Nom toys, pictured below, although there's no revelation of when or where we'll be able to buy these from just yet.