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Pricing Games on the App Store - Premium isn't Dead, Freemium is Here to Stay, and it's Everybody's Fault

Posted by Rob Rich on February 25th, 2014

Ah, the Great App Store Pricing Debate. For years people have been arguing over the cost of mobile games. What constitutes “too much?” Where’s the line when it comes to free-to-play monetization techniques? Should developers have deep discounts and temporary giveaways? Should consumers simply expect everything to go on sale and wait accordingly?

The recent Dungeon Keeper debacle is a good example of this. Gamers and critics alike have railed against it for using various monetization techniques and associating itself with the classic PC strategy series, and many point to it as an unpleasant indication of where the video game industry (especially mobile) is headed. It’s an issue that’s almost as complicated as the initial Freemium vs. Premium debate; so let’s take a closer look at everything and try to make sense of it all.

Combo Crew Gets A Brawling New Update, Adds New Chapter and More

Posted by Andrew Stevens on July 18th, 2013
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
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Combo Crew gets a new update that adds plenty of new content and features, including the final chapter to defeat Mr Boss for good. There are also brand new skins to unlock for each character in the game, along with new GameCenter leaderboards for King of the Tower mode.

Check out all the new features that Combo Crew has added to ensure that you have a brawling good time!

App Update: Wild West Adds Eight Armloads Of New Free Content

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on October 8th, 2012
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The Game Bakers sent us word on the latest huge update to Editor's Choice award recipient, Squids: Wild West.

The Squids are back with a huge content update that will keep players busy this autumn:
- A whole new Chapter in the story, with new maps and adventures in the ruins of Thalas, and Magnus a rather spectacular new Squid to recruit!
- The Pro Mode that lets players play the game again with a super high difficulty and a new setup for the enemies. Those who manage to finish the game in Pro Mode will have their name on the Wall of Fame, in the game!
- Optimized for the new iPhone 5.
- A secret quest to find 4 hidden helmets.
- The Squids can now be leveled up to level 30.
- Also in this update: a function to reset a game as demanded by the fans, and several bug fixes have been included.

There's also a soundtrack to be had, from iTunes or Bandcamp.

Squids Wild West Review

By Carter Dotson on June 28th, 2012
Squids Wild West is a turn-based strategy game that blends elements of physics puzzlers to make a game that's fun to play and friendly for casual players.
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Hands-On with Squids: Wild West, the Sequel to the Physics Turn-Based Strategy Game

Posted by Carter Dotson on June 13th, 2012
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The Game Bakers’ unique turn-based strategy game Squids is back with a sequel releasing later this month on iOS. Squids: Wild West brings new gameplay elements, new environments, and new squids in a planned set of 48 levels for the squids to launch around. The Game Bakers has gotten our hands on a preview build of the game that shows off some, but not all of what fans of fighting squids can expect.

The core of the game is roughly the same, which combines turn-based strategy with the kind of slingshot physics of Angry Birds. Players still pull back to aim their squids in a certain direction in a top-down two-dimensional playing field, and release at the desired power to launch into enemies, with harder hits doing more damage. Four new squids are in the game; two of the new ones, Calamary Jane and Cleef were ones we got to play with, and they are both shooting types, with Cleef able to shoot twice per turn, and Jane having well-balanced stats. All the squids from the original game will be back.

One of the key additions to gameplay are the new seahorses. These appear in some of the levels, and can be ridden when a squid comes in contact with them. The player pulls to aim them like they do the squids, but power is set by a circle that grows and shrinks under the seahorse. Releasing when the circle is the biggest causes the furthest fling and most damage to be done to enemies, with a bonus available for maxing it out. The seahorses can also take multiple moves in one turn with a squid.

We shouldn’t forget about the most important addition to the game: new hats! Plenty of western-themed hats will be available for all the characters, along with many of the hats from the original game. iCloud synchronization is not implemented in this version yet, but is planned to be in the final version. Currently, the plan is for the game to release in late June. Those who can’t wait to play the sequel can check out a small taste of Wild West in the original Squids, available now.

Squids Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Rob LeFebvre on October 11th, 2011
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Fling Steev, WInnik, Vahine, Clint and Sammo into an adventure to save the underwater world from corruption.
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