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Chicken Raid Review

By Angela LaFollette on August 7th, 2012
Chicken Raid is a hilarious physics-puzzler with impressive retina graphics, but the game play may seem a little too familiar to most players.
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Save an Alien Species in the Upcoming Tentacle Wars

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on March 19th, 2012

Sometimes it's not the external threat of invasion that is dangerous, but rather what's happening inside one's own body. That's the premise of the upcoming Tentacle Wars, a real-time strategy game in which players dive inside the body of an alien and take control of its last antibody cell in the hopes of fighting off the infection that will kill the creature.

As the trailer shows, gameplay revolves around utilizing uninfected antibody cells to send out "tentacles" to purify the contaminated cells. The infection won't just sit back and let you kill it though, as it will send out tentacles of its own to try and weaken and convert the few healthy cells you have left. This push/pull mechanic should make for some intense battles, and in many ways reminds of us Eufloria on a cellular scale.

Tentacle Wars will be out on the iPad in April, with an iPhone version planned to launch later in the year. If you can't wait another minute then feel free to try out the Flash version of the game to tide you over.