Five For Friday: Week Of March 16

Posted by Jennifer Allen on March 16th, 2012

At last the weekend is here and about time, too. So, how best to enjoy it? We can't make any suggestions on whether to spend the time out and about or chilling indoors, but we can provide you with some great suggestions of apps and games released over the past week to try out.

DoDonPachi Resurrection HD
One for the bullet hell gaming fans, Cave has released another impressive yet insane to look at crazy-o-thon of shooting. Fast reactions are vital as the bullets never let up and the pattern of bullets need to be memorized for any chance of survival. An Arcade Mode offers a port of the arcade game, while a Smartphone Mode tailors the experience to the iOS format.

The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3
An unbeatable offer for fans of the Mass Effect series of games, The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 takes players behind the scenes during the creation of the phenomenal RPG, offering a plethora of video interviews, quizzes, games and even deleted scenes from the game. It's the ideal companion piece for those wanting to learn more about the series.

A lighter gaming experience now, ideal for casual gamers. Shoptown is all about running a shop and getting the best price out of items while keeping the customers happy. There are freemium elements involved but it's not essential for progression.

Chaos Rings II
Previous Chaos Rings games have been pretty special so there's not a lot that needs to be said about Chaos Rings II. The storyline promises to be compelling with numerous hidden bosses and endings. The graphics are even better and the battle system has been revamped. RPG fans may need more than just a weekend with this title!

St. Patrick's Festival Guide 2012
St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow and while it's probably a little late to head over to Dublin to celebrate, there's still the chance to check out the Dublin Parade via this app. It contains all the relevant information for the 4 days from March 16th to March 19th, along with an interactive map. The best feature, however, is the live feed of the Parade. Drink a pint of Guiness while viewing it and it's almost like actually being there.