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The best navigation apps on mobile

Posted by Jennifer Allen on December 15th, 2015

With the festive season upon us, it’s likely that you need to travel - whether that's to a romantic lodge with a partner, or to see distant friends and family.

We’ve taken a look at the best navigation apps out there to help you get there quickly and safely.

Scout Review

iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad
By Jennifer Allen on August 9th, 2012
Our rating: starstarstarblankstarblankstar :: POTENTIAL
Scout promises personalized suggestions of all kinds of popular forms of media. It very nearly achieves a great service, too.
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Scout by Telenav Helps Locate Fun On The Fly

Posted by Blake Grundman on January 17th, 2012
iPhone & Apple Watch App - Designed for iPhone and Apple Watch, compatible with iPad

Finding the way around a new city is never any fun.  Between not knowing where you are and where anything is, it is a recipe for disaster when it comes to having a night out on the town.  But what if there were a personalize mapping app that did all of the legwork for you?  The new app Scout from TeleNav does just that, and a whole lot more.

Imagine being lost in a dark part of town and wondering where you could find a nice quiet pub.  That frost brew is only a few clicks away thanks to Scout, which will find all of the locations around you that might just fit the bill.  Plus, if you liked the place and would like to return there in the future, just place a bookmark and you can find your way back at a later date.  When combined with their stellar website, and upcoming integration with vehicles, this could very well be the navigation wave of the future.  Climb aboard!


Apple Stores Getting Concierge App

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on October 26th, 2010

In an effort to automate check-ins at Apple Stores and provide customers with yet another reason to pull out their iDevices and wave them around, Apple is developing a new Concierge app. According to reports, the app will allow customers to wirelessly report in when they enter the store and direct them to available associates. On the flip side, Concierge will also send push notifications to store staff, letting them know when customers with appointments are in-store and awaiting assistance.

For customers, Concierge will activate when they enter the store and ask if they have an appointment. If so, the user may check in, see approximate waiting time and even be sent a photo of the store associate they'll be meeting with that day. Apple is also releasing a companion app called Scout which store managers can use to keep track of room-by-room locations so they know exactly where checked-in customers are browsing.

While the app seems very useful it's kind of funny that even when you're in a position to talk to someone face-to-face Apple would prefer you communicate via your iDevice. How hard is it to walk into an Apple Store and check-in for an appointment? Apparently too hard, as now you'll be able to do it digitally rather than walking 20 feet and taking care of it in person. How long before all Genius Bar requests are handled via text message even as you sit across the desk from the associate? Maybe they're right and modern tools such as text messages, emails and IMs are eroding our communication skills.

There's no specific timeline for when Concierge will roll out but it will likely be soon. The service went live yesterday for Apple Store employees so it should be available in at least a select number of stores over the coming weeks. We fully expect the service to be nationwide in time for the holiday rush, so if you're heading to an Apple Store to do some shopping don't worry, you won't have to talk to an actual person unless you want to.

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