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This Week at 148Apps: November 19-23

Posted by Chris Kirby on November 26th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

This week at 148Apps.com, we turkey trotted our way into Thanksgiving and the holiday season with a tremendous list of apps for sale, courtesy of site founder Jeff Scott: "Black Friday is the biggest sale day of the year for the big box stores. And the same is true for the App Store. But the good thing about the App Store is there’s virtually 0% chance of getting trampled while trying to get that $39 laptop everyone is racing for.

This week and into Monday we’ll likely see hundreds of iOS games and apps on sale at some really great prices. We’ll be updating this post frequently through Monday with the best of the sale apps and games."

Want to know more? Read our full Price Drop list at 148Apps.

The holiday spirit continued at GiggleApps.com, with Amy Solomon's review of Wombi Toys: "Wombi Toys – a toy workshop for kids is a new interactive app that my son is really enjoying.

My son always get so much out of immersive role-playing apps, be it mini-games or more open-ended adventures which allow my son to cook for animals, plant a garden, pretend to be a doctor, fix a car or play tea party.

For those parents who know exactly the genre of app I am talking about, it is worth getting to know Wombi, a Swedish developer with a wonderful sense of style.

They have developed a series of really fun jigsaw puzzles of different themes and other apps that I have also enjoyed, so I was super-excited for the release of Wombi Toys – a toy workshop for kids which allows children to play toy-themed mini-games, building or fixing a very nice variety of toys such as wind-up car, painting alphabet blocks or using a hand pump to inflate a ball as each of these games are cute and fun, tactile as well as intuitive."

Get your child into the toy workshop and read Amy's full review at GiggleApps.

Finally, AndroidRundown.com writer Carter Dotson shared some unfortunate news: One of the biggest names of the early days of touchscreen mobile gaming is about to finally fade away: parent company GREE is shutting down OpenFeint, effective in December.

OpenFeint may not be as fondly remembered on Android as it is on iOS. It was the first real service to provide leaderboards and achievements, a much-desired feature. However, the platform failed to expand upon that core functionality once Game Center kicked in and became ubiquitous; while features like cloud saves were implemented by OpenFeint (and seen in games like INC which provided cross-platform saves) they never took off with developers or the public. However, the service was still purchased by GREE, and has been languishing recently as it transitions in to the GREE Platform."

Read Carter's full report on AndroidRundown.

And, as the tryptophan kicks in, we bid you a fond adieu this week. But make sure you keep track of all the latest sales, contests, reviews and news items by following us on Twitter and Facebook. See you next week. Gobble gobble.

It's Halloween, Must Be Time For Game Sales and Updates, Spooky Style!

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on October 30th, 2012

It's Halloween Night tomorrow, and of course it's time for the little ones to head outside and trick or treat, as well as time for the rest of us to celebrate some scary fun of our own. What better way to gear up for an evening full of apple bobbing, costume wearing, or several other activities of horror-themed debauchery than to grab a few Halloween-flavored games?

To help, we've pulled together a list, with the help of the kind folks over at Touch Arcade and Pocket Gamer, of spooky sales, awfully-free apps, and spooktacularly updated apps and games for your viewing and downloading pleasure. Don't blame us, though, if you binge on too many apps and end up feeling nauseous. Consider yourself warned.


Chillingo Sale


Other Sales


See the rest of the sales after the break

This Week at 148Apps: August 27-31

Posted by Chris Kirby on September 2nd, 2012

This week at 148Apps.com, we got ready for some much-deserved rest with a comprehensive overview of all major Labor Day app sales. Site founder Jeff Scott writes, "It’s another holiday weekend here in the USA. Burning Man, end of summer, Labor day — pick your favorite. And that means it’s time for another huge sale on iPhone and iPad apps. These apps are on sale and they have to go!"

See the complete list at 148Apps.

Over at GiggleApps.com, reviewer Amy Solomon dug deep into the earth and discovered Auracle-Fossil. She writes, "Fossil tells the story of a girl finding a fossil on the beach, and the story of where her mind goes as she imagines this dinosaur alive long ago, as well as the process that this bone must have taken to be transformed into a fossil.

Fossil is beautifully illustrated with striking water colors, as these original illustrations found in the published book work quite well in terms of translating these paintings. Here, the double page spreads from the book are formatted to fit the screens without losing much real-estate, allows readers to see both these pages together without the need to pan and scan, a feature that works in other apps, yet is simply not necessary here."

Want to know more? Read on at GiggleApps.

Finally, 148Apps.biz writer Carter Dotson reported on an unusual trend in the world of free apps: "Fiksu has released its latest Indexes tracking how much it costs for brands to acquire loyal users, and how many downloads the top free iPhone apps are getting.

The Fiksu App Store Competitive Index tracks the average combined volume of the top 200 free iPhone apps. For July, the Index indicates that daily downloads decreased month-over-month by 5.6%, down to 4.37 million downloads from 4.63 million in June. The number has remained relatively stable after a drop from 6.35 million in February. This may be due to a residual after-effect of the holiday season, which saw steady increases after the launch of the iPhone 4S."

Need more information? Follow this story at 148Apps.biz.

More big stories are on the way from the App experts at 148Apps! Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to keep track of the latest sales, reviews, news items and more. See you next week, football fan!

Labor Day App Sale: These Apps Have Got To Go!

Posted by Jeff Scott on August 31st, 2012

It's another holiday weekend here in the USA. Burning Man, end of summer, Labor day -- pick your favorite. And that means it's time for another huge sale on iPhone and iPad apps. These apps are on sale and they have to go! We've got the rundown, here we go:

Big Fish Sale

Big Fish comes first on the list because they are the biggest. They have put over 300 games on sale for this weekend. The long and the short of it is that their full version iPad games are $2.99 and their iPhone games are $0.99. Here's a full list of Big Fish Sale games, and below are a few of our favorites.

[appsale: 476127375,0.99]
[appsale: 454329272,2.99]
[appsale: 476126252,2.99]
[appsale: 475462617,2.99]
[appsale: 439839440,2.99]
[appsale: 384464800,2.99]

EA $0.99 Labor Day Sale

EA has gone $0.99 crazy again. This time putting just about all of their games on sale for $0.99. It's a good chance to get all of those that you didn't get last time.

[appsale: 473262223,0.99]
[appsale: 470423332,0.99]
[appsale: 378977849,0.99]
[appsale: 497788271,0.99]
[appsale: 464155086,0.99]
[appsale: 386568787,0.99]
[appsale: 414566922,0.99]

Bring on the rest!

Let's not forget the little guys and all the rest. There are still dozens and dozens more on sale. Check out our App Price Drops page for the full list. Here are a few more of our favorites on sale this weekend.

[appsale: 343242870,0.99]
[appsale: 546506731,0.00]
[appsale: 517271093,0.99]
[appsale: 516535540,0.00]
[appsale: 516534997,0.00]
[appsale: 512142109,0.99]
[appsale: 498249308,0.99]
[appsale: 491496944,0.00]
[appsale: 483413214,0.99]
[appsale: 469486202,0.00]
[appsale: 468569981,0.99]
[appsale: 465072566,0.99]
[appsale: 457273926,0.99]
[appsale: 442741020,0.00]
[appsale: 436151675,0.00]
[appsale: 432749907,0.99]
[appsale: 432749907,0.00]
[appsale: 391297152,2.99]
[appsale: 387190022,0.99]
[appsale: 387189146,0.99]
[appsale: 368972957,0.00]
[appsale: 335454448,0.99]
[appsale: 328194605,0.00]
[appsale: 316087672,0.00]
[appsale: 289530584,0.99]

This Week at 148Apps - May 21-25

Posted by Chris Kirby on May 28th, 2012

This week at 148Apps.com, we celebrated the coming Memorial Day holiday with a closer look and an ever-growing list of apps on sale. Site editor Rob LeFebvre writes, "So, it’s that time of year again! BBQs, lawn chairs, beer, and the ability to finally wear shorts with sandals without fear of frostbite. Tan those legs and check out all the huge sales that are going on across the App Store below. We’ll try and keep it updated as we go this weekend, so be sure to let us know of any good sales on iOS apps..."

Read the full list at 148Apps.com.

At GiggleApps, writer Amy Solomon reviewed The First Million-Teach Your Child to Read. Solomon says, "The First Million is a lovely universal “mix and match” book application that adults and children will find interesting as well as intuitive as here, as the pages of this book are split into three sections – each being able to be flipped back and forth to create new and intriguing illustrations and word combinations. Unlike other “mix and match” books where one can look for the corresponding thirds of the same image to make a match, this app is completely open-ended with no right or wrong matches to be made, giving children free range to produce any and all combinations they may fancy."

Read Amy's full review on GiggleApps.com.

Finally, 148Apps.biz writer Kevin Stout reported on Disney's push into Angry Birds territory. Stout writes, "Intensely popular Disney game, Where’s My Water?, will be receiving its first line of merchandise based on the game. The physics-based puzzler by Disney has been popular on both iOS and Android. Fans of the popular game can now buy all kinds of merchandise featuring the story’s character, Swampy the Alligator."

Read more about Swampy's foray into stores at 148Apps.biz.

That's it for us - and we're one week closer to summer! Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get all of the latest updates all during the week. See you next time, Marvel Zombies!

1Card Eliminates the Need for Lugging Around Multiple Memberships

Posted by Rob Rich on May 23rd, 2012
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Doubtless most people these days carry around one or two club cards. Virtually every single retail and grocery store in existence uses them and they’re a great way to save some money with (typically) no initial cost. The only problem is having to dig out a given card at the register. I myself sometimes get annoyed with flipping through all the little tags on my keyring to find the right one. 1Card exists specifically for this sort of thing.

The app lets users to store and organize a number of different membership cards in one non-physical place. Even better, it can accommodate virtually any card because it allows for barcode scanning/copying with the iPhone’s camera. Assuming the company in question doesn’t already have a listing on the app in the first place. But the handiness doesn’t stop there. 1Card also displays promotions and coupons associated with a selected card with the push of a button, and another push or two can bring up a store’s phone number or even location on a GPS map (via the tracknose website).

1Card is already sitting in the App Store, just waiting to be used by disgruntled card-carriers. And much like the memberships cards most of us have no doubt accumulated, it doesn’t cost a thing.

Your One Stop Guide To The Easter App Store Sale

Posted by Jennifer Allen on April 6th, 2012

The App Store never likes to miss an opportunity to have a big old sale, and that's exactly what's happened this Easter. All manners of apps and games are on offer this time round. As always, we'll be tracking the best of the sale apps and games across the weekend so remember to check in regularly for new updates. Prices change fast so download it while you see it. It might not be on offer later!

And don't forget, you can keep track of the latest and greatest app price drops on the Price Drops page and RSS feed.

[appsale: 496806078,Free]
[appsale: 503519713,3.99]
[appsale: 434175348,Free]
[appsale: 468062877,0.99]
[appsale: 481309065,Free]
[appsale: 414866654,Free]
[appsale: 367835291,Free]
[appsale: 406475548,Free]
[appsale: 382463052,Free]
[appsale: 380698740,Free]
[appsale: 484556252,0.99]
[appsale: 360142956,0.99]
[appsale: 364580591,0.99]
[appsale: 337056313,0.99]
[appsale: 306712037,0.99]
[appsale: 364586454,0.99]
[appsale: 405602642,0.99]
[appsale: 432193324,2.99]
[appsale: 437563901,0.99]
[appsale: 419250877,0.99]
[appsale: 416250286,0.99]
[appsale: 425578351,2.99]
[appsale: 470423705,1.99]
[appsale: 396018321,1.99]
[appsale: 396019894,2.99]
[appsale: 331532161,1.99]
[appsale: 394220958,1.99]
[appsale: 408895052,2.99]
[appsale: 464153727,1.99]

[appsale: 464155086,2.99]
[appsale: 456080018,1.99]
[appsale: 456083786,4.99]
[appsale: 394732447,1.99]
[appsale: 402604194,4.99]
[appsale: 314297798,1.99]
[appsale: 318366258,1.99]
[appsale: 363998989,2.99]
[appsale: 386568787,1.99]
[appsale: 414566922,2.99]
[appsale: 380013217,1.99]
[appsale: 407085219,2.99]
[appsale: 284815117,1.99]
[appsale: 363306776,4.99]
[appsale: 433493225,0.99]
[appsale: 363317738,0.99]
[appsale: 434277942,0.99]
[appsale: 363727129,0.99]
[appsale: 413704441,0.99]
[appsale: 471112976,0.99]
[appsale: 405622181,1.99]
[appsale: 406233537,1.99]
[appsale: 389191032,1.99]
[appsale: 446277466,2.99]
[appsale: 426282304,2.99]

[appsale: 405582750,2.99]
[appsale: 363296995,2.99]
[appsale: 427703804,2.99]
[appsale: 363311002,4.99]
[appsale: 489783365,0.99]
[appsale: 492317406,Free]
[appsale: 496855269,0.99]
[appsale: 324563544,2.99]
[appsale: 364150646,6.99]
[appsale: 477093462,0.99]

Publishers Talk of Profits and Pigs for BAFTA

Posted by Rob Rich on March 15th, 2012

A number of iOS developers decided to talk numbers at BAFTA's recent What's App event in London. The Guardian's article is full of all manner of interesting tidbits and discussion. Taking the stage to talk about storytelling, profit margins, and children's content were Peter Sleeman (co-director, P2 Games), Paul Bennun (chief creative officer of content design and creation, Somethin' Else), and Tom Bonnick (digital project and marketing manager, Nosy Crow). The trio divulged some interesting numbers, as well as their perspectives on various app models.

P2 Games' bread and butter has been largely based around children's brands, including Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam, and have sold just under 600 thousand apps in less than a year and a half. Somethin' Else, responsible for the indisputably different Papa Sangre, also did quite well with their $4.99 interactive experiment. The audio-only horror game sold a respectable 70K copies since its release back in 2010. Nosy Crow opted out of the numbers game at the event, but they did put out a couple of critically acclaimed book apps (Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs) so they're probably doing just fine.

The general consensus revolved around knowing one's audience. According to Sleeman, Preschoolers are a very different market than the typical demographic so it's important to bring in people who know what the young-uns like and what keeps them coming back. Bennun championed the Premium model; keeping prices high and letting the quality of the product do most of the selling. Bonnick echoed the sentiment of quality, and mentioned Nosy Crow's strict adherence to in-house development.

I'm curious to see if anyone agrees or disagrees with these ideas. They certainly seem sound to me. Especially the one about refusing to use in-app purchases in apps meant for children. Thoughts?

[Via: theguardian.com]

Love is in the Air. Also Gameloft Sales. And More Love.

Posted by Rob Rich on February 14th, 2012

No doubt there will be plenty of couples out celebrating this Valentine's Day. Lots of flowers, candy, romantic dinners and candlelight. No one really stops to think about the less glamorous side of the holiday; namely waiting in long lines to get into a restaurant for said romantic dinner, scrambling to find flowers and candy when at least half of the country is doing the same, and so on. Fortunately there's a way for iOS users to lessen the irritation and have an easier time enjoying the moments that really matter. In this case, I'm referring to Gameloft's Valentine's Day sale.

Of course rescuing a space princess in Earthworm Jim, wreaking havoc in Gangstar Rio: City of Saints or running amok in Rayman 2: The Great Escape won't substitute for making googly-eyes at each other from across the table. They will, however, make the wait for the table more bearable. And just in case finding "the right words" ends up being an issue, there's also Gameloft's Love Declaration Generator. Hey I'm just pointing out that it exists, I didn't make the thing.

Sega Celebrates Valentine's Day with Game Sales Galore!

Posted by Carter Dotson on February 13th, 2012

We all show our love in different ways. Sega’s way is to put games on sale, and there are 5 titles on sale from February 11th to the 14th (that’s Valentine’s Day) in order to show their love for iOS gamers everywhere.

First up is Sonic CD, a meticulously-crafted remake of the Sega CD original, and what could be called a love letter to Sonic fans. It is on sale for $2.99 from its regular price of $4.99.

Next up is Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I, a game that recalls the undying passion that fans of the original franchise have for the game. It is on sale for iPhone/iPod touch for $1.99 (was $3.99) and iPad for $2.99 (was $4.99).

Then there’s Super Monkey Ball 2 and the Sakura Edition, which iPad owners will be head over heels for because it’s a universal app, and it’s on sale for $0.99!

Finally, those who can’t get enough of classic Genesis games will be heartwarmed by these titles on sale for $0.99.

War of the Worlds Receives 12th and Final Minigame, Celebrates With Sale

Posted by Rob Rich on February 3rd, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
Our rating: starstarstarstarblankstar :: LOTS OF POTENTIAL :: Read Review »

It feels like it's been ages since I first set eyes upon Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds Minigame Adventure. Back then it consisted of a mere two games. Now the last of them have been added, bringing the total up to the initially promised twelve.

It makes for an extensive collection of mini-genres, from the "find the item" graphical adventure style of the Prequel through the old-school puzzle gameplay of The Red Weed (Part 1) and ultimately drawing to a close with the arcade-like viral infection of Dead London. It's a collection that I'd easily recommend to fans of H.G. Wells' classic tale for the typical going rate of $5. However, in celebration of Minigame Adventure's completion the price is getting a temporary 60% price cut for the weekend (2/3 - 2/5).

It should go without saying that being able to grab a collection of a dozen well-made, War of the Worlds-themed mini-games for $2 is significant. Even if it should, I feel the need to reiterate it. Both for dramatic purposes and because it would be foolish for fans of the novel/movies to pass this up. So here I go: Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds Minigame Adventure, a title which offers twelve mini-games, is currently on sale for $2. It's a ridiculously good deal, and one that I'd recommend jumping on before it's over.

Say Hello to Hello Music

Posted by Rob Rich on December 22nd, 2011

The concept behind the Hello Music website is a simple but brilliant one: provide members with information regarding all manner of deals and sales, on all kinds of musical goodies. The Hello Music app does pretty much the same thing, only on iOS. In other words, with an account on the website and the app on a phone, anyone looking for great deals is covered.

The site, and by extension the application, will per-negotiate discounts on a set (and limited) quantity of various items. These range from tangible objects such as amps, pedals and such, to less tangible things like studio time. Since quantities are limited the deals don't last long (usually around 48 hours), but with a handy-dandy iOS app to monitor these deals on the go it becomes much less of an issue.

Setting up an account on the website is free. The app is free. Suffice it to say, any musicians with even a little interest in savings (and an iPhone, of course) need to take a look at this.

Forms by PBF Now Available on App Store

Posted by Greg Dawson on December 22nd, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

There's no question that the iPad has changed, or at least begun to change, the way we create and consume media as well as organize our personal and professional lives. One app new on the App Store that promises to help with this is Forms by PBF. The company has pegged it as the personal database for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with the ability to create custom applets without writing a line of code.

It features an in-app function called Forms Builder, which makes it extremely easy to create highly customized forms. Easy to setup, the app allows the user to define the data that they'd like to organize and create a custom form for projects such as a recipe list, sales charts, workout schedules or even an inventory manager. It also allows the user to share their database between multiple devices by simply exporting and then importing or over-the-air with use of a URL that can be clicked on the additional device for instant access. The Forms app is universal and available on the App Store for $9.99.

Ash Gets New Custom Artwork, a Few Tweaks, and a Price Drop

Posted by Rob Rich on December 19th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Ash was one of the first RPGs I downloaded when I was a new initiate to the wonders of iOS gaming. I recall being thoroughly impressed by the quality. Well, that quality just got a boost. The original game was released with graphics licensed from RPG Maker, but SRRN Games has replaced all of it with totally original artwork. The new style shares a few basic similarities with the older one, but overall it's a huge visual change. Especially the character portraits.

Another less obvious but still notable change has to do with the random encounters. One of the game's initial shortcomings was that there were just so freaking many of them it kind of made getting from point A to point B a pain. This has been rebalanced, so now random encounters are a bit less frequent. They'll still happen, and they're still essential to not being caught in a boss battle with one's pants down, but the decrease will go a long way to making the game more accessible and overall more fun.

Last and most important, Ash is getting an 80% prince drop for the holidays. What was once a great RPG that could be had for $4.99 is now a great RPG made slightly greater and available for a buck. One dollar. $0.99. I'd gladly recommend this game to any RPG fans at $5, but $1? That's, like, "don't even think about it just buy it" pricing. So yeah; don't even think about it, just buy it.

This Week at 148 Apps, November 21-25

Posted by Chris Kirby on November 26th, 2011

This week at 148Apps.com was all about the US celebration of Thanksgiving, and the inevitable retail aftermath known as Black Friday. Rather than fight the crowds, 148Apps founder Jeff Scott put together a comprehensive Black Friday app sale list that continues to grow, and grow and grow. Scott says, "App sales are nothing new, but the biggest of the year is here, and we’ll be tracking the best of the sale apps right here. Expect lots of updates over the weekend."

Take a look at the full list on 148Apps.

Jeff Scott also invited faithful 148Apps.biz readers to attend the upcoming AppNation III conference, saying, "Want to attend AppNation III? 148Apps network readers can get a 30% discount on the registration fee by using code 148APPS on the registration page."

Read more about the conference on 148Apps.biz.

Meanwhile, at AndroidRundown, site editor Rob LeFebvre celebrated the release of Disney interactive's Where's My Water? for the Android platform. LeFebvre writes, "Android has been part of the plan since the development of Where’s My Water? for the iPhone crowd. In fact, the game was originally developed with C++, to make it easier to port to Android. The challenge, he said, is making sure the game is the same high quality experience across the myriad devices represented by Google’s hip operating system."

Read the full story on AndroidRundown.

Finally, on our parent-friendly GiggleApps site, Amy Solomon reviewed Don't Let The Pigeon Run This App! Solomon writes, "I love these books. Pigeon can be cheeky, and my son has used pigeons’s one-liners, such as offering to “Give you five bucks” himself to try to stay up late. For this reason, some parents may feel that this pigeon is a bad influence on children, but I love the idea of my son practicing his ability to say “no” to this scheming pigeon as I want him to be prepared to stand his ground later in life when he is confronted by peer pressure, and I want him to recognize when he is being manipulated."

Read the full review on GiggleApps.

And that's a wrap for this Thanksgiving week! But don't forget to follow us on Twitter and "Like" us on Facebook to get the latest news, reviews and contests. See you next time!