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Quip Review

By Lisa Caplan on June 5th, 2012
Quip is a lovely Twitter conversation manager for iPad
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Five For Friday: Week Of June 1

Posted by Jennifer Allen on June 1st, 2012

Another Friday which means another Five For Friday! This particular Friday is a special one for the Brits amongst us (including myself) as we get to enjoy a four day weekend courtesy of the Queen celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. There might not be any jubilee themed apps here, but hopefully there are a few that are fit for a Queen.

Quip is the latest Twitter app, set to offer something a little different from the norm. Quip places a strong focus on streamlining the user's timeline, particularly in the case of conversations. We've all seen Twitter conversations become so huge that it's confusing. Quip takes the confusion out of things by arranging conversations in the correct order rather than in reverse, and also offers the ability to attach other tweets to a conversation with the tap of the screen. For regular chatters, this could be an ideal way to save time.

The Naked Gun: I.C.U.P.
Many of us will remember the fun of spoof cop show Police Squad and its movie spin-offs The Naked Gun. Well, now there's the chance to enjoy a point and click adventure game based on the series. Spoofing modern crime dramas and video gaming culture, there's a full voice acting cast and the game was written by Naked Gun writer and producer Bob Locash.

Sidecar.me sets out to make calling people a little more modern. Users can call other Sidecar owners from anywhere in the world, thus seeing live videos of what's going on as well as photos and interactive maps of the user's location. For those calling non-Sidecar users, they still benefit from free calls in the US or Canada via Wi-Fi.

Swipe Type
Texting has evolved over the years but there's always room for improvement. Swipe Type uses a system that's similar to Swype on Android phones. The app involves not lifting your finger off the keypad, instead sliding across the screen to combine letters quickly and effectively. It might take a little time to master but it's an ideal time saving method.

Best Sandwiches NYC
Visiting New York City soon and in need of some tasty sustenance? Best Sandwiches NYC has you covered. The app provides a list of all the best places for sandwiches in the city. Users can look up sandwiches according to type such as vegetarian, fish or meat based, or they can check on the cheapest or nearest sandwich. The app even lists the top 20 best sandwiches according to New York Magazine and Grub Street.