FREEday 7/13/12 - "At the Barricades of FREEdom! Shall I Join My Brothers There!”

Posted by Rob Rich on July 13th, 2012

Granted, half of the games on this week’s list fall squarely under my Nostalgia Vision, but it’s my list. So my rules!

Jay & Silent Bob in: LET US DANCE! - I will proudly admit that I’m a rather big fan of Kevin Smith’s special little rendition of New Jersey. Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and even the Clerks cartoon have been in my DVD rotation for quite a while. Especially Mallrats. So a tap/rhythm game based in the View Askew universe featuring Jay and his hetero life-mate is definitely something I can appreciate. It’s like it was handed down from God herself.

Sinbad - Ah, Sinbad. I used to watch taped TNT showings of many of his classic barely-colorized adventures constantly. Now I can play them, too! The game offers up many of the experiences one would expect from the timeless hero many often mistake for a washed-up comedian; high seas adventure, a personalized ship, plenty of swordplay with lots of unnatural enemies, and so on. All that’s missing is the Harryhausen visual flair.

My Monster Rancher - So I was a fairly massive Monster Rancher fan for years, even after the series started to slide into lameness (i.e. Monster Rancher 3). Admittedly this doesn’t completely scratch the itch like one of the console originals, but it does a decent enough job of whittling everything down into freemium-style pieces. Plus they brought back Monols, which is just flippin’ awesome.

This is the last stop on the Nostalgia Train, I swear. For this week, anyway.

Doodle Cat - It’s not quite a virtual pet and it’s not quite a game (sorta kinda), but it is mind-numbingly adorable. The way objects can be combined to create new objects, and that being the entire goal, is indeed familiar but now it involves keeping a fuzzy feline entertained. For my money – which actually doesn’t equate to much because the game’s free – I’d consider goofy cartoon cat interactions well worth my on-the-go time.

Spectral Souls - What’s that? A robust, “full-scale” tactical RPG on iOS? Funk yeah! It looks quite good, offers up quite a bit of content, and will doubtlessly please fans of the series. Probably of the genre, too. Full version IAP unlocks be damned, this has the makings of awesomeness.

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures - One of the first things that popped into my head when browsing the description for this one was “Man, there are a lot of **Notes**.” The second was a quote from one of the best TV shows ever; “With a warning label THIS big, you know they gotta be fun!” I suppose the colony building and persistent online world with lots of real time battles can stand on it’s own, but my goodness those warnings!