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Springpad Updates With New Features

Posted by Kevin Stout on April 16th, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Previously, Springpad felt quite a bit like a competitor to popular note-syncing service, Evernote. Now, with Springpad’s 3.0 release, the service has added social networking features that make the app feel similar to Pinterest.

Probably the biggest feature in the new Springpad is the ability to create collaborative notebooks with friends. In the video below, the actors demonstrate making a notebook like “Book Suggestions” where only the friends with opinions users really care about would be invited to the notebook and make suggestions.

Another feature that seems to have potential is the information automatically added to notebooks when a new entry is created. Price comparisons, maps, movie reviews, and more are added depending on what’s added to the notebook.

Users only need to follow the notebooks from their friends that they’re actually interested in, not the friend themselves. Apparently, Springpad understands that I’m not interested in seeing my friends’ rap suggestions but book and movie notebooks will work. And now, Springpad has created an Explore section with content tags that makes it easier to find notebooks from other people that are curating content that users may be interested in.

Springpad has a universal iOS app, so check it out on either the iPad or iPhone.

Extra Interactivity Added To Social TV App Umami

Posted by Jennifer Allen on February 24th, 2012

Increasing numbers of people use their phones and tablets while watching TV. I'm one of those people, enjoying the opportunity to interact with friends via social networks and discuss the latest shows as they happen. Umami came out last November, offering a simple to use portal for users to interact with their favorite shows, whether that be through social feeds or checking out cast information and episode details.

Now, just in time for the Oscars ceremony, Umami has been updated to include Pinterest style features. Users will now be able to instantly capture, and share via Facebook and Twitter, images from the shows they're watching. It's the kind of feature that's truly going to come into its own during events such as the Oscars Red Carpet, where a flurry of people across the world love to discuss what outfit works and what was a big failure.

Alongside this "FreezeFrame" technology, a new TV dashboard has been added in the form of "Dishboard" allowing users to check real-time infographics for all their favorite shows. It also identifies the most popular links and tweets that are trending for a specific show.

For the social TV watcher, Umami just got even more essential.

Corkulous Now Allowing You to Organize Your Life for Free

Posted by Brad Hilderbrand on February 16th, 2012

Appigo has just announced that the standard version of Corkulous, their premiere organization and planning app, is now totally free. This basic version will include access to one large cork board, which they can use to virtually pin up tasks, collaborative projects, brainstorming sessions, to-do lists and more. If you're the type of person who has a lot of ideas but can't seem to get them corralled and organized then this might be the ideal solution.

Users can also opt for an in-app upgrade to Corkulous Pro for $4.99. The expanded version includes multiple cork boards, the ability to next boards, exporting and sharing options, and iCloud support. It also bears noting that both versions of Corkulous support Dropbox.

Appigo is known for their productivity apps, but previous work such as Notebook and Todo were considerably drier and focused primarily on business users. Corkulous is still very business-friendly, but many will likely find it easier to use as a part of their day-to-day lives. The ability to quickly pin up pictures, notes and more makes the app ideal for practically any collaborative or brainstorming occasion.

The app also comes along at an ideal time, as the explosion of Pinterest has many folks jumping at the idea of pinning things up and then chatting about it with others. Not saying this will happen, but if Appigo finds some way to integrate this app with the social media service then we may be witnessing the birth of a bona-fide juggernaut.

At any rate, this is now a free app that you can use to get your life in order. What are you waiting for? Get corking!