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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is Getting Spruced Up for its 20th Anniversary Edition in 2014

Posted by Rob Rich on October 11th, 2013

As seems to be the trend these days, another point-and-click adventure game is getting the HD rerelease treatment. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition is currently in development and slated for a mid-2014 release. The original, which was released back in 1993 by Sierra, and details the exploits of a writer/book store owner as he attempts to find inspiration for his novels while investigating local murders. Sounds a lot like a TV show, actually.

"I'm thrilled to be back at work on Gabriel Knight and to bring this classic game to a new generation of players," Jensen said in a press release, "It's going to look and feel like a brand new title. But never fear, 100% of the original Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is here. I hope both existing fans and new players will love it."

This special 20th Anniversary Edition is being recreated from the ground up (with supervision from the series' creator, Jane Jensen) and will feature enhanced graphics, new voice recordings, and a remastered soundtrack from the original game's composer, Robert Holmes. Sins of the Fathers is set to release on the iPad next year.

Moebius - New Trailer and Information Emerge

Posted by Andrew Stevens on April 2nd, 2013

Last year, Moebius received $435K dollars on Kickstarter that is being used to bring the adventure game to PC, Mac, Linux and iPad. The developers, Pinkerton Road, just launched a new website to provide even further information on the title, including a first look alpha trailer.

The game follows Malachi Rector, a historian with a photographic memory, and he's been assigned by a mysterious government agency to investigate the death of a politician's wife. What he doesn't know is that his photographic memory and expertise in history is of interest to other agencies as well.