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Cascadia Game's GameDock Will Make Playing iOS Games on TV Much More Comfy

Posted by Rob Rich on July 13th, 2012
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As someone who’s played lots of iOS games and by extension sampled lots of virtual control schemes, external control attachments such as the iCade intrigue me. Tapping the screen is fine and all, but sometimes having physical buttons to press can make a world of difference. Lots of other people seem to think so, too, which aeis why these kinds of peripherals have a place in the market. It’s all well and good for portable play, but what about when I’m at home? Sure AirPlay allows users to game on their TV, but the iOS device is still the primary control. Which is exactly why we have brilliant entrepreneurs like the folks at Cascadia Games (the creators of Cavorite) creating stuff like the GameDock.

The GameDock will essentially be an iOS console, with all the awesomeness that implies. Users simply have to plug their iPhone or iPad into the dock, which is in-turn connected to the TV via an HDMI cable, and start playing any iCade supported titles on the big small screen. The handy dashboard app allows users to select their desired game via the connected controller, so they don’t even have to get off the couch. And just in case anyone wants to use the GameDock but doesn’t have a TV (or at least one with HDMI inputs), everything can be played right on the connected iOS device.

Cascadia Games’ Kickstarter for this most glorious of add-ons is just past the halfway mark for its $50,000 goal. With 35 days to go, there’s plenty of room for more backers. Come on, you know this is an awesome idea.

ION Piano Apprentice Turns iOS Into a Baby Grand

Posted by Blake Grundman on November 1st, 2011
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Music is a passion that parents have been forcing on their children since the creation of instruments. Sure, they will love it when they are older, but when they are kids many rebel against it like the plague. But what if there were a way to combine the benefits of music instruction with their favorite tablet or phone?  The new ION Piano Apprentice peripheral addresses that question brilliantly, while offering up an interesting new educational tool to boot.

Using only ION's free iOS software and this intriguing new contraption, musical perfection may only be a few practice sessions away.  On the keyboard peripheral itself buttons will light up to correspond to those being demonstrated within the application, helping to further bridge the gap between the instructional software and the actual playing of the instrument.  In no time at all users can be well on the way to learning their first concerto.

For more details on the peripheral check out the ION Piano Apprentice's official site for more information.  Check out the video below to see this new tool in action.