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Readdle Adds Tons of iOS 8 Updates for All Readdle Apps

Posted by Jessica Fisher on September 17th, 2014

With the iOS 8 dropping today, Readdle has dramatically overhauled all of their apps to have more functionality and integrate with your iCloud Drive

Scanner Pro, the app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a portable scanner, now has Scanner Pro editing extension. This allows you to scan your photos from Photo Library and save them to your iCloud Drive.

PDF Expert 5, a PDF reader and editor, now has Zoom Writing, AirTurn support, bookmarks management, and other iOS 8 exclusives.

Documents 5 can now be your main app for managing files iCloud Drive and other apps.

Calendars 5 has received the new iOS 8 Today View widget and Notification Center widget. These widgets make it easier to view and schedule tasks and notifications.

Printer Pro now has iCloud Drive support, making it a fast and simple way to print your documents from anywhere.

Lastly, PDF Converter now has PDF Converter extension, so that you can convert things like photos from your camera roll with one click.

There are a lot of new features to explore in the Readdle update suite. Check them all out on the App Store.

Happy 7th Birthday Readdle! Thank You for the Big Sale!

Posted by Jessica Fisher on August 1st, 2014

In celebration of their 7th year, Readdle has dropped the prices of their apps by 70%! They have also announced that a big project is in the works for October and more details will be available soon. The sale started on July 31 at 1AM EST and goes on for 48 hours. We have provided a list of the sale apps below.

Pick them up now on the App Store before the sale disappears.

Scanner Pro ($6.99 -> $2.99)
PDF Expert 5 ($9.99 -> $4.99)
Calendars 5 ($6.99 -> $2.99)
Printer Pro for iPad ($6.99 -> $2.99
Printer Pro for iPhone ($4.99 -> $2.99)
PDF Converter ($6.99 -> $1.99)

Readdle Turns 6 and Drops Prices to Celebrate

Posted by Rob Rich on August 5th, 2013

Not everyone will be familiar with Readdle, but the developer has been around ever since 2007 and enjoying a steadily-increasing user base ever since. What began as a single book reading app with a handful of followers has since turned into a large collection of useful apps (scanning, printing, reading, etc) with over 16 million downloads. To celebrate, Readdle is dropping their prices for a limited time.

At the moment you can download any, or all, of the following apps at a significantly discounted price:

Scanner Pro - Originally $6.99, now $1.99.
Printer Pro iPhone - Originally $4.99, now $1.99.
Printer Pro iPad - Originally $6.99, now $1.99.
Calendars+ - Originally $6.99, now $1.99.
PDF Converter - Originally $6.99, now $1.99.

PDF Converter Makes the iPad More Useful for Writers and Business Users

Posted by Carter Dotson on July 14th, 2011
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

Readdle has a new app for the iPad to allow users to create PDFs directly on the iPad from a wide variety of souces, entitled PDF Converter. Users can convert documents from Microsoft Office and Apple's iWork suite directly into PDFs. Web sites can be loaded using the app, and saved as PDF files to be easily read later or saved in a permanent state. Information and photos from a user's contacts and photo library can be loaded into PDF Converter, and attachments in emails can be easily loaded into it as well. Files can also be loaded from a linked Dropbox account, so they don't have to be stored directly on the iPad in order to be used with PDF Converter.

Once files are converted to PDFs, users can easily save them in the app to be viewed and transferred from the app. As well, PDF Converter supports AirPrint for easy printing directly from the iPad. The document can also be emailed and opened in other apps that can open PDF files.

What is the usage of PDF Converter? This app makes it easy for business users to create permanent static files from editable documents to easily print out, like if there is a contract that needs to be signed, it can now be converted from an editable file to a PDF directly on the iPad. This could also make it easy for writers to print out their articles or stories that they were typing up on their iPad, without having to work with a PC. They can also control how they want their viewers to see what they have written when it is printed out. Really, that's the potential strength of this app; it is another mechanism to usher in the post-PC era, to help make the iPad a more productive device, and to allow people to work directly from it.