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PAX 2013: Heroki to be Published by Sega

Posted by Jeff Scott on September 4th, 2013

Heroki by Picomy Games is a new puzzle/exploration game announced a few weeks ago. It was announced at PAX that Sega would be publishing the game. We got just a couple minutes with it in it's pre-release state and it's well animated and looks promising. We'll keep you updated as it gets closer to release. Hit the Via URL below for more in-game footage.

[instagram dp6j2uyLwi]

PAX 2013: Armello On Track for 2014 Release

Posted by Jeff Scott on September 4th, 2013

Armello is a strategy RPG/card battle game has been pushed to a 2014 release. We originally took a look at this game at GDC earlier this year and thought we'd check in for progress. The game currently looks absolutely stunning. You can't really see it from the Instagram below, but the graphics and animations are some of the best I've seen even though it's only running on an iPad mini. Certainly one to be on the look out for.

[instagram dp6kTlyLwj]

[instagram dp6kYtyLwk]

PAX 2013: Toy Rush - Could Be The Game I've Always Wanted

Posted by Jeff Scott on September 4th, 2013

When I first read about Toy Rush I wasn't too excited. But then I started digging in more and got considerably more excited. It just might be the game I've always wanted. We've had tower defense, and even tower offense, but not a great turn-based multiplayer tower defense.

While the developers may not describe it this way, I see Toy Rush as a turn-based two player Tower Defense game. The basics are that the player creates towers and creeps; creating a home land inhabited by developed and upgraded towers while sending created creeps to battle other lands.

In Toy Rush, I get a real Clash of Clans vibe to the multiplayer. Likely not a mistake. It's proven to work well. The game should be out shortly from Uber Entertainment - take a look at the teaser trailer below and a screenshot of the game in action.

PAX 2013: Little Legends Goes Head-2-Head Against Players In Match-3 or More Puzzles

Posted by Andrew Stevens on September 3rd, 2013

Little Legends had its little corner in the massive Indie Megabooth where it showed off its match-3 or more puzzle gameplay. Players would face-off against each other to see who could more quickly move the pieces to line up the correct items. By doing so, they'll charge up special items that allows them to attack the other player. Once a player's health is depleted the other person wins the match.

It's a fun take on a match-3 puzzle game, knowing that speed matters in order to charge up the special abilities used to attack the opponent. Also, depending on the ability, there are some that requires the player to line up multiple shots to hit a target to cause maximum damage. So the amount of damage the player deals can vary depending on how well they use their abilities.

[instagram du9ZpalSVN]

PAX 2013: Zombie Zombie Zombie Mixes Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay With Gun Turrets, Crazy Taxi's, and Air Strikes

Posted by Andrew Stevens on September 3rd, 2013

Zombie Zombie Zombie is a zombie killing match-3 puzzle game that also comes with a few extra zombie killing features. It's not only about killing 3 zombies by tapping on them, but players also get to call in air strikes and control the aim of gun turrets to light zombies up when tapping 3 becomes too difficult. Zombies come move in from the top of the screen at different paces and in larger zombie numbers that can make things pretty difficult. Thankfully, there are also grenades and crazy taxis to select that can take out a good majority of zombies that appear on screen.

It's certainly a somewhat interesting title that will be available as a free-to-play game. I can imagine that those grenades and special power-ups will cost a pretty penny if you want them all the time to try and set high scores. I guess we'll find out soon!

[instagram dqBic5lSag]

PAX 2013: Monster Loves You! Gets An iOS Version That Lets Players Tap Away At Their Decisions

Posted by Andrew Stevens on September 3rd, 2013

Monster Loves You! was released earlier this year on Steam, offering players the chance to live the life of a monster and make decisions that affect the world. The game will soon be coming to iOS and I was able to get some hands-on time with it while at PAX. It's a game where players read about a situation and then choose what action they would like to take which grows their monster in different ways depending on the decision.

The demo made me appreciate the game more on a tablet than on PC. Being able to read and use simple touch screen selections on the iPad feels like the more enjoyable way to play, and it's nice to know I can build up the characteristics of my monster while being on the road. I like having my monster in my hands!

[vine h57eaZeUQXF]

PAX 2013: World Zombination Goes Offensive and Defensive With Its Strategy

Posted by Andrew Stevens on September 3rd, 2013

World Zombination looks to be a simple yet entertaining strategy title. In the demo that was available at PAX, players would select from a launch point to release hordes of zombies to attack humans and hospitals while completing the mission within 5 minutes time. There is human resistance to get past that does grow more difficult, but as players defeat humans they'll be able to unleash different zombies by mutating some of the current zombies. These zombies are faster, stronger, and more capable of defeating humans.

Also, for players who are fans of human beings instead of zombies, the demo allowed players to take the role of the humans instead in a defensive format. The same horde of zombies are out to get all humans and destroy the hospital in 5 minutes time, but it's now the players job to stop that from happening.

World Zombination is set to release sometime next year.

[instagram dy0fzIlSYP]

PAX 2013: Taking A Spin With 2K Drive

Posted by Andrew Stevens on September 3rd, 2013

I've been very excited about 2K Drive since the news broke that it was in development. So, I was even more anxious to try it out at the 2K booth while attending PAX Prime in Seattle. As expected, and because I always like a good racer, it was rather easy for me to have a good time with what was offered in the 2K Drive demo. I was first shown the sharp color-coordinated menus that separates challenges, mini-games, and real-life racing news from each other. After that I was able to jump in the driver's seat of a car and get my first taste of action.

Playing my first race was very easy to do since I was playing with speed, break, and turning assistance on high. I didn't realize it at first and thought it was a little too easy to handle, so I turned all that nonsense off as handling the vehicles with no assistance is always the way to go. Still, it gave me a chance to learn the London course and better prepare for it with the assistance turned off. I still hit the walls a few times with zero assistance, but the gameplay feels very smooth in motion and handles quite well once you get a good sense for the vehicle. Who knows how this will be with a much faster vehicle though, but I did find myself appreciative of the good handling with the thumb control for steering.

[instagram dsT3A9FSZY]

After a few concrete races I decided to take the demo and head to an off road course which was quite the bumpy ride, but a ride that is well worth taking. The off road course that was available was pretty simple with a couple of easy turns and a few decent jumps. Again, one of the beginning courses that help ease players into the game. I'll be hoping for more difficulty and rougher courses to race on when I unlock and purchase my F-150 Raptor. I can't wait to get dirt all over it!

I also demoed a couple of the mini-games, including a rollercoaster that forces players to drive a rollercoaster-like course without falling off the sides and a survival course that has players avoiding missile strikes from a helicopter. The rollercoaster was quite the challenge that will be both tempting and frustrating for the perfectionist. However, the demo of the survival mode was by far the least exciting thing that I played as it just wasn't fun to maneuver around the course while staying out of the helicopter's strike zone. Maybe it was an easy difficulty level thing...

[instagram dsWzWbFSeg]

Something that is always simple yet still fun is the customization options available in games for your vehicles. 2K Drive offers your typical customizations like color, hubcaps, and more, but also includes other unique features like dashboard items, window stickers, and things to hang from your rear-view mirror. They don't affect the gameplay or even matter much to most racers, but are still interesting enough for those that become big fans of the game and would like to show off their rides. Someone I met loved putting a hot dog on the dashboard.

2K Drive is shaping up to be a nice package for racing fans, based on what I experienced with the demo. There is still time left to see a number of changes or enhancements to sections of the game, but the most important factors are already present with good racing and challenges, a number of gameplay modes, and even reading material on the latest happenings in the real-life racing world.

I can't wait to spin my wheels throughout the entire game this fall!

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