225 Kid Outdoor Games Review

Posted by Amy Solomon on May 5th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

225 Kid Outdoor Games is an application that, having been updated, now contains over 225 outdoor games kids can play from around the world. One can search these games buy age range, length of game play as well as extra materials that will be needed - very thoughtful. You also have the option of adding your own games, bookmaking favorites and emailing these activities to others. It is also nice that this app includes both English and Spanish as languages. Kids will enjoy shaking the iPhone to select a game randomly.

Since the weather in most places has finally gotten nicer, this app may be of interest to adults who are looking for ways to entertain kids with new activities that one can play outside.

This is an impressive collection of kids' games from around the world, and I like the idea of tapping various areas of a world map to choose games native to these areas, as well as using advanced searches to find a specific game that suits the group's needs, as many of these games are intended for multiple children to play together.

Once a game is chosen, there is a page of the game play with illustrations; the details are broken down nicely with age, duration, setup and materials as needed, Nicely written instructions are included to further simplify the learning of these games.

The idea of a collection of more than 225 games is both impressive as well as a bit daunting, and I appreciate the ability to zone in on games which are appropriate with choices like age range and how long you have to play a specific game. I wish one could search by the number of children, and it would be nice if this app would specify whether any size group will do for these activities, like in the case of duck, duck, goose, or if you need a specific number of teams with a certain number of players. This information is offered in the description of the game once it has been chosen, but this would be nice to narrow down the selection to start with.

I am impressed with all the areas of the world that these games cover, including 83 countries and I like that further information is given about many of these games as “observations,” but I wish there was even more information about the countries and cultures from which these games come.

This would be a nice app to have for parents, but this application would be especially useful for teachers and camp counselors who have the head count available to them to play many of these games. With so many to choose from, the entertainment value of this app is quite high and after playing these games for a while, hopefully an adult can also comment on the similarities these games possess across many cultures.