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SNK Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of The King of Fighters With a Big Sale

Posted by Ellis Spice on August 22nd, 2014

This weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the King of Fighters franchise, with the original arcade King of Fighters making its début in Japanese arcades on August 25, 1994. To celebrate this historic milestone, SNK is having a big sale on the App Store, knocking the price of ten games down to $0.99.

The games in the sale are:

All of these games are on sale until August 26.

King of Fighters i-002 Review

By Blake Grundman on July 20th, 2011
Solid visuals and quality controls collide in this awe inspiring battle for iOS supremacy.
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The Portable Podcast, Episode 94

Posted by Carter Dotson on July 19th, 2011

All we want to do is acquire your brains! It's not unreasonable, I mean no one's gonna merge with your eyes.

On This Episode:

  • Carter Dotson and guest co-host Blake Grundman discuss the EA acquisition of PopCap, along with new releases King of Fighters, Deathsmiles, and 9mm.
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  • Host: Carter Dotson
  • Guest: Blake Grundman, 148Apps

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