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Jet Set Go Review

+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad
By Lisa Caplan on August 3rd, 2011
Our rating: starstarstarhalfstarblankstar :: FAMILIAR FUN
Chillingo's first time management game has a nice variety of locations and tasks that fans of this genre will enjoy.
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Chillingo Releases Four Hot Summer Games

Posted by Lisa Caplan on July 26th, 2011

It's becoming a habit to see which new games powerhouse Chillingo will serve up each Thursday. They seem to be entering every genre. This week they have a casual universal title, racing themed, but standard fare. But they also launched a free game souped up with in-app purchases, a serious tower defence-shooter title and something we haven't seen from Chilingo before - time management.

Dream Track Nation

This game has players racing on fun, sometimes downright silly tracks jumping over obstacles and getting power-ups, while collecting up to three stars in the usual progression formula. There are 20 tracks set in Texas, Alaska and New York. The game is physics based, and the type of great casual game one expects from Chillingo. Dream Track Nation has a level editor to add an extra dimension to the game, and uses both Game Center and Crystal Network for multiplayer action locally and online. Chilingo calls the design "patchwork quilt" style - it looks hot.

One Man Army

One Man Army is a more serious game. It's a tower defense title in which Earth is a desolate planet under threat of mutant invasion. Players mix shooter elements with classic tower defense gaming. There are six zones to defend with a total of thirty-six levels in all with high-end graphics meant for retina displays.

Monster Mayhem

Hack and slash at monsters galore in something new - a freemium game, not a lite or trial version - called Monster Mayhem. It's bloody, cartoonish and vibrant and it's something Chillingo hasn't done before - that is making a game free to play, but making advancement almost dependent on IAPs. Insane monsters are lurking in the dark and gamers playing as The Gate Keeper have to keep them out by any gory means available. It also has castle defence elements, but served up with humor. There are 20 monsters to kill and five distinct bosses to battle. Upgrading the arsenal is key to progress and that's where the IAPs come in, but they aren't necessary to buy in order to enjoy the game - there is no pay wall, just ways to advance quickly for a fee.

Jet Set Go

Jet Set Go is the biggest departure for Chillingo and the most intriguing. With the free game released last week and Chillingo and parent EA's increased used of incentives using its Crystal Network integrated with social network sites like Facebook and Twitter to unlock items in some newer titles, one can't help but wonder if they aren't thinking of moving into not just time management, but also the lucrative freemium market?

Jet Set Go, however, is a premium game with everything included for the one time purchase. The game is universal and only $.99. Nothing extra here to buy, and it's from the team that brought us classic iOS time management title Sally's Spa. Players help April build her new travel agency empire and fly customers around the globe. The game has five different types of time management  systems built in so there isn't much waiting around and there are a total of 12 locations from Montreal to Hong Kong, with 14 different types of customers, each with their own specifics likes and needs to learn. All these games look great but, we especially can't wait to give this one a try!