Capture 1970s Style Video With The Super 8 Movie Tie In App

Posted by Jennifer Allen on May 24th, 2011
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

As part of the promotional build up for J.J Abrams's latest blockbuster Super 8, a Super 8 camera emulator app has been released on the app store.

The film - coming out June 10th - focuses on the tale of a group of friends who witness a mysterious train crash in 1979 before noticing increasingly strange things occuring around their small town. The hype has been ever growing and it's not surprising considering Abrams' past successes with Fringe, Star Trek, Cloverfield and of course the phenomenally successful Lost.

The Super 8 app aims to tap into the 1970s feel to photography with users able to make their own vintage movies in the typical Super 8 style that kids of the 70s will fondly remember. Users can add different lenses with the choice of seven different effects ranging from black and white, chromatic to x-ray or infrared appearance. They can add one of three animated filters as well as the good old creepy thriller movie staple: the shake effect. Adding a scratch and dirt overlay is also possible providing a great aged feel to the experience. Once the video has been created, users can then arrange clips and scenes just how they want, as well as add their own credits if they so wish. It makes for a great amateur movie kind of feel.

Once the video has been finalisd, users can then view their movies from within the Super 8 projector room, or they can export it to their PC or email it to friends. There's even unlockables to acquire with users able to reveal missing frames from the Super 8 editing room film by playing their movies back a sufficient amount of times.

It all makes for a pretty cool interface that also happens to produce some great results.

Super 8 is a free app download available for iPhone 3Gs and upwards, 4th generation iPod touches and the iPad 2.