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Good News, Everyone - GBA4iOS Gets Off the Hook on a Technicality and is Available Once More

Posted by Rob Rich on May 27th, 2014

AppAdvice reports that GBA4iOS is back and available to download after being taken down when Nintendo issued a DMCA order a couple of weeks ago.

The short explanation is that Nintendo's case was mostly built around the emulator linking directly to websites that would allow users to download ROM files, and this latest release circumvents that by linking to Google instead. Tricksy Hobbitses...

And so, GBA4iOS is available once again.

Bad News, Everyone - GBA4iOS Temporarily Unavailable Due to DMCA Request by Nintendo

Posted by Carter Dotson on May 14th, 2014

Image Source: Wikipedia
Cult of Mac reports that GBA4iOS, the GBA emulator for iOS devices that used some trickery with enterprise ad hoc distribution to make one of the finest handheld gaming systems available to all, is no longer available - due to a DMCA request by Nintendo.

But wait, you may ask "How can Nintendo request the removal of an emulator if emulators are legal?" Aye, there's the rub: GBA4iOS distributed the GBA BIOS with it, which is copyrighted software and illegal to distribute. Thus was the downfall of this clever circumvention for now. Creator Riley Testut says "the site will remian offline until further notice," so it could return without the BIOS, but as a student he may not want to risk angering Nintendo's lawyers again.

Oh well, there's always jailbreaking or Android, right?