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Five For Friday: Week of January 5

Posted by Jennifer Allen on January 6th, 2012

It's been a somewhat lean week for new releases to the App Store thanks to the remnants of Christmas and New Year. I know my brain's still fuzzy from such merriment. Despite such eventful times, we've managed to round up five of the best apps and games to be released over the past 7 days.

Legendary Heroes
Previously mentioned last month, Legendary Heroes is a compelling mix of castle defense gaming alongside hero class strategizing similar to the likes of League of Legends. All the better, it's free to play with the promise of quick and intense matches being ideal for the handheld nature of the iOS platform. Players control 3 heroes in the same match, each with their own unique special abilities and a levelling system to boot.

Battleland: Honor of Arena
Tower Defense Strategy games aren't uncommon on the App Store but that's no reason not to give Battleland: Honor of Arena a try. Offering over 100 levels divided into 12 different stages, Battleland: Honor of Arena offers plenty of value for money at the mere price of $0.99. There's even an online multiplayer mode in there that's sure to keep people keen.

Anyone who's used apps regularly has that sneaky feeling that they could design a better user interface. AppSketcher gives the user that chance with the ability to create mockups of what makes a great looking app. While it won't do the coding behind such attractive imagery, it does mean that AppSketcher is ideal for those working alongside others as part of a dev team. Numerous sharing options helps things move forward.

Pocket League Story
Terrifying news for anyone's productivity levels but fantastic news for the management gamer, Kairosoft has released another title! Pocket League Story mixes soccer management with the typical gameplay we've all come to expect and love from the Japanese developers. Does anything else really need to be said? Of course not, it's bound to be a fantastic way of wasting countless man hours throughout the next few weeks.

Mentioned here twice in one week because that's just how cool it is, InstaFlow is an intuitive and attractive way of exploring Instagram photos, easily and effectively. The Instagram community holds countless fascinating sights, snapped by people from around the world. Being able to search by tags and keywords just makes the experience all the more satisfying.

Five For Friday: Week Of December 23

Posted by Jennifer Allen on December 23rd, 2011

Christmas is mere moments away so it's easy to lose track of all the latest releases to hit the App Store in the past week. Never fear, for we have a roundup of five of the best apps and games just in time for the festive weekend.

Boy Loves Girl
A reminder that the course of true love never runs smoothly is that of Boy Loves Girl, a platforming adventure spanning more than 50 levels. Players take the role of a young boy as he braves the elements and explores uncharted territory all in the name of love.

Over the festive season, many photos and videos will no doubt be taken by revellers as they spend time with loved ones and want to retain visual memories. Cartoonatic+ lets users do exactly that but while also adding one of 14 cartoon filters, each created by professional cartoon artists. Effects can be switched around in real time and music, plus videos speeded up for a fun twist.

Law & Order: Legacies
Telltale Games has quite a following for its titles and understandably so. Transferring the point and click adventure style to so many famous franchises such as Back To The Future and Jurassic Park has been extremely successful. Next up is Law & Order: Legacies with crimes to be solved by all the Law & Order team.

Action Movie FX
Adding cutesy effects to videos is fine but how about some explosions? That's what Action Movie FX offers! From Bad Robot Interactive, the app side of the movie production company of the same name, Action Movie FX lets users add Hollywood style effects to their videos. Included in the free version is a missile attack and a car crash style effect.

The Eatery
It's the time for great indulgence but for those looking to keep track of what they eat, The Eatery is a different way of approaching the subject. Rather than just counting calories, users take a photo of their meal or snack then rate how healthy they think it is, thus getting them to think about their decisions. There's even social functionality for those looking for a second opinion on their meal choices.

Five for Friday: Week of November 11

Posted by Lisa Caplan on November 11th, 2011

A slew of games hit the App Store this week, and we'll bring most of them to you in review form. but there were also a lot of apps that were overshadowed by the gaming bonanza. We look at five we think you'll want to check out.

Meanwhile for iOS

A truly interactive comic book experience, Meanwhile for iOS takes users right into a comic by Jason Shinga where they control how the story unfolds, Jimmy, the protagonist finds a mad scientist with, what else, but a doomsday device and readers young and old can help determine the outcome of the adventure.

VocaLive for iPad

Ok we admit to some cynicism about this one, especially at the price, but if it does work a new world of Rebecca Blacks will be thrilled. VocalLive claims to work like auto-tune letting ever the most tone-deaf have their singing modulated to match the music's pitch. If anyone tries it we'd love to hear what you think of the results.

Doodlecast for Kids

Kids not only draw with this app, it captures them in action during the whole creative process. Kids and parents can watch it back and even use it as an educational tool to help with writing letters and numbers. The app comes with 20 drawing prompts or kids can start fresh with their own ideas.

Photogene2 for iPhone

One of the best photo-editing apps, Photogene, which offers near desktop results has a new version. It supports the iPhone 4s and includes more robust editing tools, especially in the fine-tuning as well as extended export options.

Coach’s Eye

Use the iPhone video camera in a new way – to record athletes in action for analysis later. We suggest you use a sturdy case if you use it behind the batter, but it takes a video and slows it own with a flywheel to find precise moments and allows coaches and personal trainers to mark up the video to help show what they are doing wrong, rather than just telling.

Five for Friday: Week of October 27

Posted by Lisa Caplan on October 28th, 2011

Holy game bonanza bat geeks! So many titles were launched "just in time for Halloween" it's hard to keep up. Most of them have been getting a lot of press, but a few are so new you may not have seen them yet. And, hiding in all that gaming goodness were a few very cool app releases as well. This week we look at five you may have missed. If we didn't catch your new favorite please leave us a note in the comments below.

Zombieville USA 2

This simple sequel will have gamers shooting hoards of zombies to bits with all new weapons and enhanced graphics along with Game Center integration and even a wireless multiplayer mode. The casual undead fun is a perfect for halloween weekend.


Create games and sims or bring to life your own app ideas on the iPad. Codify lets users code and includes a visual editor with a vector graphics tool, built-in game sound effects, complete in-line reference and even gets the accelerometer and multitouch screen into the show with this app that lets anyone try their hand at developing.


From MTV Networks comes more eery fun. Oscura is a 2d platformer with a 3D feel, AirPlay support and a seriously goth tone. Keep the Dark Creatures at bay this All Hallow's Eve.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App

Mo Willems brings the Pigeon to iPad. Create unique Pigeon-staring stories with Mo at your side. Mo really voices the Pigeon, but the app allows users to record their voices too - part book, part creative toy, kids and creative types should have a lot of fun with this new digital publication from Disney.

Songineer™ - Instant Composer

For those who want to make music, but lack the advanced training, enter Songineer - Instant Composer. It lets users instantly create great sounding tracks to share with friends on social media. Don't expect auto-tune results, the app is packed with quality features including 20 unique instrument and drum kits galore to give any creation a unique feel and lots and lots of beat.

Five for Friday: Week of October 21

Posted by Lisa Caplan on October 21st, 2011

The was a great week for appaholics. With the release of iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S, developers are scrambling to update existing apps and bring out new ones that take advantage of the new capabilities. We look at 5 you may have missed that came out this past week. If we missed your favorite, be sure to leave a note in the comments.


Silverwiz is a simple but feature-packed financial management app It helps manage savings and cheqing accounts credit and debit cards with support for recurring payments and budgeting.

Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots

The long awaited sequel to Halfbrick smash game Fruit Ninja hit the App Stopre this week. While it’s a tie-in to a Dreamworks movie, the new Bandito mode provides plenty of fresh challenges for the avid slasher.

The Early Edition 2

The orignal Early Edition has been revamped for iOS 5. The app takes Google Reader feeds and puts them into an easy-to-read newspaper format for more information and less clutter.

Big Lens

Turn the iPhone camera into a SLR quality camera with Big Lens. It uses the same premise and the iPhone 4S camera, which is that more light is good light. The controls are simple to use and if you aren’t making the iPhone upgrade it’s an easy way to get your snaps looking like you did.

Adboe Reader

There isn’t much to say about this one. We all know Adobe’s Reader. the free PDF reader from THE source. Now it's available for iOS for free and as easy to use on the touch screen as on the computer.

Five For Friday: Week of August 26

Posted by Lisa Caplan on August 26th, 2011

This week saw a mixed bag of new apps. As back-to-school and real life settles in around us, more general use, connectivity and educational titles have been popping up. Here's our look at five hot releases from the past week that you may have missed. If we skipped one you love, be sure to let us know.

SB Nation – Sports News

SB Nation aggregates one thing only – sport news. It culls from over 300 sport-dedicated blogs with in-depth stories, fan perspectives and real-time news. The newsfeed has scores from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Soccer, Nascar, MMA, Tennis, Golf and college ball – both round and bouncy and the type they have bowl games for. Users can follow their favortie stories, personalize the app to focus on home teams or specific sports, and it even has a community to share opinion, comments and other sports info with the similarly obsessed.


WordWit is edutainment for big kids. Word lovers and those struggling with vocabulary alike can profit from this app. It is not a traditional dictionary - rather each word’s entry is written specifically for WordWit to reveal “nuances of meaning and use.” The entertainment part of the equation is mixed with rich graphics and challenges like separating misused words from their “evil twins” – all it takes is a spin on the colorful spiral to reveal random pairings of words and a myriad of ways to explore them both.

Infinity Field

Infinity Field HD has been a long time iPad hit. This dual stick shooter won many best-in-class awards last year and now it has finally been released for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game looks as good as the original, just designed with support for retina display and smaller controls - which reports say are as good as ever.

Post-it PopNotes

It had to happen – in an app store full of knock off’s, 3M has finally brought the real Post-it’s to iOS and they’ve done it for free. This is not just a sticky note app – PopNotes can be shared selectively, set to pop at specific times, supports both typing and handwriting and even incorporates maps and GPS.

CoolApp for Google+

Google+ has its own iPhone only app, which has a lot of users very frustrated. Well, CoolApp for Google+ brings the popular new social networking site to iOS for all devices. Aside from the iPad and iPod touch support, it offers a free invite – easier and easier to come by these days, but still needed to join – with purchase. The app supports up to three accounts with ease.

Five For Friday: Week of August 12

Posted by Lisa Caplan on August 14th, 2011

As always a flood of apps were launched in the past week, including the usual hot games. Summer must be drawing to a close because we are also seeing a lot of productivity and content consumption apps, too. This week some of the most interesting apps are iPad only. If we missed your favorite please let us know.

Perfect RSS Reader

There is a new sleek Google Reader for the iPad that may give perennial favorite Reeder a run for it's money. Perfect RSS Reader mixes a wide variety of features and several different viewing modes, has lots of sharing and support for multiple accounts, as one would expect. Perfect RSS Reader also has graphic interface so users can sort through their feeds in a number of intuitive familiar ways, including a sort of magazine format. It's fast and looks fantastic.

Boxee for iPad

Create video and share it everywhere with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and see theirs too with this one simple app. Boxee for iPad makes sure to catch all uploads from friends on those networks. The app allows for playlist creation from almost any video streaming site from YouTube to TED talks - and upload to Boxee’s web site to watch any video on a real TV.

123D Sculpt

Were this clay modelling app offered by someone other than Autodesk we’d be dubious. But since the developer is one of the top names in professional design apps, we are excited to give it a try. Users mold basic shapes like clay to give them a unique 3d look. Users just pinch, pull and then paint their creations and to be shared on Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox or YouTube.The app has Air Print, saves images as transparent PNGs for editing further with Sketchbook Pro or any other painting app or desktop program. HD QuickTime renderings can be imported into iMovie as well.

Macworld Express

This free Apple news aggregator looks slick. It seems serving content up magazine-style is becoming a trend. Macworld Express is definitively a fanboy app, or a hater’s dream if leaving snarky blog comments is your thing. But it looks good and serves up the news we care about most.

Save Yammi HD

There is no getting around the fact that Save Yammi HD and its iPhone counterpart take more than a little inspiration from Cut the Rope. Despite it’s similar appearance, Save Yammi is not about rope cutting. Gamers have a set amount of rope with which to catch stars and must use their noodles to create a path for  a cookie to take. Tey can then shake the device to remove the rope and draw another or time it so the cookie drops into Yammi’s mouth. Derivative or not, it’s fun.

Five For Friday: Week Of August 5

Posted by Lisa Caplan on August 6th, 2011

This week saw lots of free apps with a heavy emphasis on consumerism and one we've been waiting for for a long time. We collected our favorite five freebies from the past week for our readers here.

Skype for iPad

The most anticipated free app that was released this week was Skype for iPad. The video chat service, that doubles as a VOIP long distance carrier for some, has had an iPhone app for a while, but now Skype is iPad native and the contacts area is redesigned. The app looks sweet and the video calls look great on iPad 2

Domino’s Pizza LLC

Like we said, it was a consumer’s bonanza week of apps, and leading the pack in popularity is Domino’s Pizza free iPhone app. We don’t really have to tell you what do right? Find the nearest location using GPS or a zip code, place an order - or get a Google map to lead the pizza-starved to the nearest store for takeout.

eBay Instant Sale

eBay, the famous online auction site, has a streamlined service for both buyers and sellers called in Instant Sale and now that service has an app. It’s a simple and easy way to sell items via eBay’s vast network or pick up a bargain, right from your device – without waiting for an auction to end or last minute snipers to outbid you.

Editions by AOL

In part we want to cry shenanigans, in part we want to settle in for a read. While it’s painfully obvious that AOL took not just it’s inspiration, but parts of its GUI from ZITE, this personalized news and lifestyle magazine for iPad is stylish and allows readers to customize everything from the magazine cover's color to the contents inside. Don’t be put off by the small selection of categories, many popular sources can be added once you get into the section settings. The magazine looks sharp and is easy to read and has lots of social media sharing built in.

Ikea Catalog

Shoppers and folks like us who just like to see what the Swedish design company has to offer, will enjoy having the 2012 Ikeaccatalog not just on IPhone, but finally in crisp display on iPad as well. There have been previous iOS Ikea catalogues, but this update has a store finders that unlike most of the free choices on this list, while the new iPad version is US only, the iPhone app works all over the world.

Five For Friday: Week Of July 29

Posted by Lisa Caplan on July 29th, 2011

The Economist World in Figures 2011 Edition.

This iPhone reference app pubslihed by The Economist Magazine has facts and stats about over 190 countries around the globe. Whether looking for trivia or doing market research The World in Figures has tons of data and the ability to let users compare countries side-by-side.

Futurama Head in a Jar

From the sublime to the silly, but fun. MTV released Futurama Head in a Jar on the tail of Comic-Con - where it was previewed - as a free iPhone entertainment app this week. As the name implies, users get to create their own Groening-style heads with customizable hair, eyes, and even species. The decapitated go right into the Head Museum where head-collections can live on prominently displayed on shelves of their own.

NASA Visualization Explorer

The space shuttle's missions have been grounded permanently now, but that doesn’t mean reaseach done in space is dead. There is the International Space Station, of course, but NASA also has a fleet of research spacecraft in use as well. Nasa Viz allows iPad users to access the most advanced research findings from those vehicles along with videos on space-related topics. The app contains stunning photographs, lots of text information and both mini documentaries and animated simulations. NASA promises one fresh story a week.


There’s been a veritable flood of hot new games released in the last week from almost every major gamehouse. Konami’s entry, Gesundheit! is the one we most want to just stop and look at. It’s an arcade puzzler with solid gameplay, but the hand-drawn art elements both in the cut-scenes and within the game itself are nothing short of breath taking. The soundtrack is almost as pleasing to the ears as the graphics are to the eyes. We can’t wait to start playing.


TableTop is a portable expandable recording studio for iPad. Users are presented with a variety of devices: samplers, mixers and sequencers, and many more modular devices for IAP to be arranged and used as the project demands. The GUI is clean and while it seems intended for serious musicians, users with little experience are reporting they are able to make some great-sound tracks too.

Five For Friday: Week Of July 22

Posted by Lisa Caplan on July 22nd, 2011

Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access

This app is Star Wars fanware and shameless self-promotion from Fox, but if you're waiting with baited breathe as many good geeks are, especially us, for a peek at all the special features and bonus goodies that will be packaged with the huge Blu-Ray slated for release on September 16, here's a chance for a free sneak peek. The app is iPad only and you won't see anything they don't want you to, but it really looks gorgeous - a geek's GUI for sure - and any sneak peek while the event is still months off is very welcome.

Stickman BMX

There were not all that many new apps released this week, but it was a great week for gamers. Our favorite casual title is Stickman BMX and its HD counterpart. It's a super simple game- a sequel to the hugely popular Stickman Skater, but in this side scroller players use intuitive and simple controls to take Stickman on on a BMX ride full of jumps and tricks and good old fashioned doodlesque styling mixed with a richer animated look. The graphics are super and fans of the original will be happy to know Stickman can ride a skateboard too with a one-time $.99 IAP.

Dragon Go!

With Go! the award-winning speech recognition technology they has long made Dragon famous provides hands-free voice-commands for everyday use. Users just have to ask for what they want to find, i.e. "Harry Potter near here" and it will search Fandango and serve up local listing and trailers to the final chapter. It works with Pandora and Last FM too - ask for an artist or song and start listening. Wiki, Google, Amazon, YouTube, eBay, Twitter, its a'll available not at a tap, but with a word. The app is only on the US App Store and some services like Fandango and Pandora are US only, but we tested the command 'find chinese restaurants with takeout" in Canada along with "get directions to closest mall" and got instant accurate results. We're amazed at how well the app understood every question and automatically searched in the right place to supply the most accurate and relevant results. Users can share Dragon Go! results by email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter. Perfect hands free information on the go.

Gif Shop

Ever wondered how people make GIFs - those little animated web graphics? Gif Shop unveils the wizard behind the gif-creating curtain and with a tap users can instantly capture sequential snaps with the device's camera - up to a suggest maximum of 100 - and let the app take care of turning the pictures into an animated loop. Users need a free Gif Shop account to share their results on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, with shortlink included to paste and share with friends via email of MMS. It's really cool and borderline idiot proof.


Google+ is Google's new foray into the social media world. The network which is free, but for now, by invite only, certainly has a lot of buzz and a lot of early sign-ups, but analysts and pundits are dubious as to whether the Big G can compete with- much less unseat - giants Facebook and Twitter and even Tumblr and Flickr all of whose services Google+ has integrated in one way or another, into their new venture. If you have a an account, and find the mobile web app lacking, there is now a free iPhone client on the App Store. Is it good? Well it's hard to separate opinions about the service from the app itself, but we've heard it can handle most of the feature that are central to Google + like Circles and Huddles, and has it's own notification system built-in, but it's not as robust as many would like lacking central features like video chat and of course it's not universal so iPad owners are feeling left out. It is free, and there's nothing third-party to compete with it, so if the service appeals get the app.

Five For Friday: Week of January 14, 2011

Posted by Chris Nitz on January 14th, 2011

Avatar of War: The Dark Lord –
Line drawing games just got a bit more interesting with Avatar of War. Instead of guiding boats and planes to safety, you command an army with various line gestures. You will need to master these drawing techniques if you hope to defeat the Dark Lord and his pet. The game comes with two modes of play, over 20 units and skills to upgrade, and over 15 weapons to unlock. Tack on a fun cartoon presentation and you maybe hooked for hours at a time.

BattleSpell –
Get those iPhones ready card floppers, for a new card based game is ready for your enjoyment. The goal is to build a powerful deck in order to bring your enemies energy bar down to zero. You can also win by getting your energy bar up to 100. Each hero has a unique ability which maybe played only once per match. If you have ever played a game of Magic The Gathering or World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, you will feel right at home here!

Action Commando –
Time for yet another rescue mission with this run-and-gun style game. You will sport weapons like pistols, machine guns, and grenades in your heroic rescue efforts. The enemy is strong, but you are stronger. Be quick though, the enemy has little patience for your violent ways, or the nagging of the captured hostage.

GraphPad –
Sometimes you need a change of scenery to give the mind a needed rest from the humdrum cubicle. Yet, you may be on a deadline to submit that scale drawing of a nose hair plucker (now you understand the excerpt of this post -- Ed). GraphPad will allow you to quick and easily sketch out that scale drawing, annotate it, and send it back to the office, or better yet the client. The app will even straighten out crooked lines for you. This is a perfect app for contractors working on-site, or those who cannot clamor out of bed.

iJournal – iPad notebook and journal -
The great thing about the iPad is how easy it is to incorporate into daily life. One of the best features it has is becoming an electronic notepad/journal. iJournal takes this concept head-on and makes it gorgeous in the process. Not only can you quickly jot your thoughts down, but also you can choose various text styles and backgrounds that are very elegant and pleasing to look at. Notes are easily sorted, edited, or even deleted. You can even quickly pick up where you left off with the helpful home screen navigation. This maybe one of the most useful apps you download yet.

Five For Friday: Week of December 31, 2010

Posted by Chris Nitz on December 31st, 2010

Time to take destruction to a microscopic level. You control a tiny nano robot. Your mission is to destroy nasty viruses that are infecting healthy cells. Take your nanobot across four worlds in hopes of stopping the spread of horrid viruses in this 3D Arkanoid style game. Achievements will ensure those speedy completionists come back to better their times again and again.

Dark Maze:
Wandering through brightly lit mazes is far too simple. Dark Maze will pit your navigational skills to the test. You will use flares to briefly light up your surroundings in hopes of finding your way out. No two mazes are ever the same thanks to randomly generated mazes. Mix things up by entering in words and numbers to complicate mazes even further. No amount of Google Maps will help you get to your destination here!

Terra is quite possibly one of the more ambitious role-playing games to hit the App Store in recent days. This game goes well beyond character customization and great story lines. Start with a staggering 250 levels of play, 15 skills, and 300 different kinds of equipment to really add to your character. Then dive through 17 dungeons to battle 50 different enemies and bosses. By the time you finish the game, you may question if this is really a phone you are playing on.

Scene Study:
Time to leave bulky paper scripts at home. Scene Study was designed by actors for actors. You can enter in a single scene, or an entire production. Record in your cue lines, actively participate in a scene, and easily repeat a troublesome scene with ease. Audio playback will even help you listen to yourself to help you produce the best possible delivery of your lines. An easy to navigate interface help keep you studying lines and not fighting cumbersome input methods. You may never look at paper scripts the same way again.

Blogging Ideas:
Blogs have grown from simple journals of one-person ramblings to massive corporate productions. Even with the massive growth of blogs, there are some people who have yet to dip their toes into the blogosphere. If you are one such person, Blogging Ideas is here to help get you started. This app will help you with techniques, sales, ideas, and even answer the question of why to blog. Experienced bloggers may even find a little something to help give them the edge in a sea of ramblings.

Five For Friday: Week of December 03, 2010

Posted by Chris Nitz on December 3rd, 2010

Queen’s Crown:
Sometimes a princess just needs to leave the crown in her room and kick some serious butt. You take on the role of one mad princess by the name of Ann. Guide her through this action packed role-playing game as she hopes to save Scarbelhold Kingdom from evil. Four weapons and six different spells are there to help keep the enemies shaking in fear. Just check your adulthood at the door as this is a comical story looking to make you laugh as you burn your foes to the ground.

Aqua Panic Deluxe:
You may like destroying pigmies or leading lemmings to their deaths, but you will be shifting gears to that of a lifesaver with this game. It is up to you to save these poor helpless and defenseless fish from traps, sharks, and even starving seagulls. There are 80 challenging levels, and 8,000 pieces of sushi that need your saving. Sadly, you cannot enjoy those you have rescued with a side of pickled ginger and wasabi.

Those looking for a little action in their role-playing games need not look any further. You take the role of Knight Richard in his search for the Holy Grail. Finding this treasure never seems easy, no matter whom the hero is. Ten different weapons, magical spells, and your whits are all you get to aid you in your search. Careful though, evil bosses are looking to end your pathetic life the moment they see you. Some enemies are so anti-social.

Do you fantasize about being the master of the turntables? Maybe you already are, but are sick of explaining what they are to the TSA agents at your local airport. Djay will take your ordinary iPad and morph it into a full-fledged DJ system. Control tempo, EQ, and so much more with this heavily packed app. If you would rather leave the equipment at home and travel on the lighter side, this app just maybe the ticket to your freedom.

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad:
Ever wished you could watch current television shows right on your iPad? If you have a Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD, you just found a way to complete the media experience. SlingPlayer Mobile allows you to connect to these devices over 3G or Wi-Fi to stream anything from your cable box to that new Apple TV you just purchased. Even better, if you have a home security system, you can stream that to your iPad as well. You may never leave your warm bed after installing this app.

Five For Friday: Week of September 17, 2010

Posted by Chris Nitz on September 17th, 2010

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within HD:
That crazy Prince of Persia is back on the App Store. This time he is looking to conquer your iPad with some sexy HD goodness. Take on 12 chapters of fighting, platforming, and puzzle solving goodness. Gameloft has taken their successful iPhone game, beefed it up and brought it for all to enjoy on the iPad. See what console fans have enjoyed for months.

SEED 2 – Vortex of War:
Chillingo brings on a grindtastic sequel to their RPG series SEED. SEED 2 is set five years after the first game. 200 battlefields, 160 different monsters, hours of leveling, and an engaging store lie in this action RPG. Setup your hero and tackle quests, monsters, and a world that is ever changing. Even compete to rock the leader boards thanks to Crystal integration.

Time Crisis 2nd Strike
Namco is here to bring you another fun on-rails shooter just for the iPhone. Ten levels of shooting goodness are here to suck away hours of time. Players can even unlock achievements or see how well they can do in the Competition Modes. The only thing missing here is a lightgun and a slot to pump in a weeks allowance worth of quarters.

AppShopper takes looking for new apps to the next level. This app brings the power of the AppShopper internet site directly to your iOS device. Look through popular apps, see what's new, track apps you own in the My Apps section, and create an app wish list. This is a great addition to any App Store Junkies iDevice.

CBS Sports Pro Football:
Football season is now in full swing. All this excitement and you have to work?! What ever will you do to monitor the games while you slave away? CBS Sports Pro Football is here to help. You get up to the minute NFL scores, streaming previews, reviews, and interviews, and the ability to watch all 32 teams dueling it out for the change at Super Bowl Glory. If you need your NFL fix in a pinch, grab this free app now.

Five For Friday: Week of August 27, 2010

Posted by Chris Nitz on August 27th, 2010

Phantasy Star II - SEGA's classic console RPG finally finds a home on the iPhone. Hundreds of items to find, dozens of places to explore, and countless hours of your life gone to this addictive RPG.

R Type - That’s right, EA's 80’s classic side scrolling shooter is finally available for play in the palms of your hands. Think you got the cojones to beat this abusively hard game?

Knight’s Rush - Knight’s Rush is the follow up to the immensely popular A Quest of Knights Onrush. Unlike Knights Onrush, you take control of one character and guide them through side scrolling beat 'em up mayhem adventures. Think Castle Crashers meets the iPhone. Knights Rush will have you battling through eight worlds, fifty baddies, eight bosses, and the urge to curse Chillingo for their addictive gaming drugs.

Photoburst - There are times when your fingers just can’t tap the camera button fast enough to capture all the action of a scene. Photoburst will do all that tapping for you, right down to the millisecond. Capture all the action without all the finger frustration.

Blancspot - Put a new spin on your music news with Blancspot. This image centric news app puts you right in the shoes of the photo journalist. Live Twitter feeds keep the news relevant and up to date. This is news you have to see to appreciate.