Help Support Charity and Indie Developers with the 12 Indie Apps for Christmas

Posted by Carter Dotson on December 6th, 2011

The PC indie gaming scene has been known for the Humble Bundles - bundles of indie games that help generate money for charity and publicity for indie developers. iOS is full of indie developers that could take advantage of bundles like these, but bundling games on the App Store is impossible without making just a single app with several games built in to it. So what several indie developers are doing this holiday season is to come together to help promote what they are calling the 12 Indie Apps for Christmas.

These 12 developers, many of whom are part of the iOS indie dev scene on Twitter, are pledging to donate 25% of sales of their games to either Child's Play or Doctors Without Borders. The games come from all across the gaming spectrum. They include puzzle games Smiles HD and Trainyard, and iBlast Moki. Those looking for a little more action can check out the roguelike remake Sword of Fargoal for iPhone/iPod touch, the space shooter Red Nova, animal-robot hybrid shmup Velocispider, and arena survival game Tilt to Live. Strategy-minded players can check out Harbor Master and Galcon Labs. Fans of turn-based multiplayer can check out Full Deck Word Games, and Disc Drivin'. Finally, just in time for the holiday season is Christmas Air Hockey!

25% of the sales from these games for the entire month of December will go toward the charity of the developer's choice. These all go toward worthy causes: not just to help raise publicity for independent developers working hard on their games, trying to find ways to support themselves in a very difficult market, but to also help those less fortunate and truly in need. Plus, there are just few better feelings than buying games and having them go toward a good cause. It's just a warm, fuzzy feeling that helps to warm the soul during this cold and wet season!